it was after this conversation with david madsen that i realized he’s actually not really all that much of a ‘bad guy’. he’s a perfect example of ‘the end justifies the means’ even if those means are borderline to are stalker-ish, an invasion to privacy (primarily of majority of minors), as well as cruel and harsh in harassment. david, at his core, does want to help and ptrotect the students, the faculty, and his family (including chloe). like he said, in regards to chloe, if he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t care at all, but because he does, he’s actively trying to be a proper father to her as to help her stay out of harm’s way. he’s just a bit too volatile and quick to be explosive, which isn’t entirely his fault given he is a war veteran. for all we know, he could be going through PTSD. what he says here both confirms he does care and wants to do good/to protect everyone as well as shows signs that, again, david has PTSD from his time during the war (perhaps it hit him afterwards when he came home, who knows). he’s tired of fighting, he doesn’t want to fight anyone anymore, he doesn’t want to argue, he just wants to help and because he’s trying hard to do what he thinks it necessary to protect the students of blackwell, he’ll continue to argue and fight nonetheless; because that’s just in his nature.