Workflow update

Been playing with a new process workflow, here goes:

  1. Import RAW file into Aperture3
  2. White balance set - Aperture3
  3. Correct lens pincushion or barrel distortion - PTLens plugin
  4. Crop & Align - Aperture3
  5. (if used) HDR composite - Photomatix or Nik HDR plug-in
  6. Colour Swap - Gimp (as external editor from Aperture)
  7. Noise reduction - Nik Dfine or Topaz Denoise
  8. Pre-sharpening - Nik Sharpener Pro
  9. Exposure/highlights tweaking - Aperture3
  10. Colouring tweaking - Aperture3 or Topaz Restyle
  11. Output Sharpening - Nik Sharpener Pro

It looks a lot, however, it runs smoothly and does not take much time for the shots worth spending time on.

I like the Topaz toolset, however, collectively it is expensive. The Nik Toolset (Google) is, with my limited budget, more palatable. I do, however, really like the Topaz ReStyle tool for colouring and and happy to add that to the plug-in set, in addition to Nik’s ColorEfex.