"With my eyes, I long for you In my heart, I’ve found you I can see the light that brightens me, I can’t let go of the eternal happiness. Can you see me? Call my name! By your side I will stay, I love you! Let’s be together, you and me forever.” - Happiness


We are EVERLASTING FRIENDS. Whenever we see tears from Super Junior, slight pain drew in your face, we feel a thousand of that. We feel like our world is breaking into pieces. We cry together, laugh together and understand each other. We have ONE mind, heart and soul. And we have ONE LIFE, SUPER JUNIOR. ♥


You’re my APPLE on my PIE. My EARPHONE on my MP3 player. My STRAW on my BERRY. My BELT on my PANTS. You’re my PILLOW whenever I sleep. My BLANKET when I am cold. My PEN to my PAPER. You’re my CAMERA ‘coz you always makes me smile. You’re my GROOM and I am your BRIDE.  YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY EVERYTHING. ♥ 

I wish you knew how much you changed my life. Its my 3rd year anniversary with you and its been a good journey being with you for this past years. I LOVE YOU KIM HEECHUL. I LOVE YOU. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ♥♥ I just wish that you’ll always be happy. That you’ll always be as PERFECT as you are right now. :’> 

사랑해요 김희철! 우유빛깔 김희철!



Although the names, ages, and appearances are all different

But those hearts that love and treasure Super Junior all are the same

Oh.. and you know? Us too!

Whether it is 4 years ago or now

The heart that always misses you guys will never change

Do you know what is the most special to us? Our balloons! Pearl. Sapphire. Blue..

Standing on the stage, when the sapphire blue ocean reflects to our eyes

We then have the passion and strength to continue

The ones who made us touched with such a huge present are..


Thank you so much guys I love you

-Super Junior message to ELF, VCR SS2