• Details:Seven. Zodiac. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Game. Fight Club. The word darkness is just going to come up if we discuss the David Fincher body of work. And Gone Girl is arguably one of the darkest. Why are you drawn to this?
  • Fincher:I don't know. It's the shit that you're interested in. When I was home sick as a kid, and it was a question of watching Rear Window or some William Wyler movie, it was like you want to see the one where there's more—
  • Affleck:[laughs] More killing! More death. Yeah. Sure.
  • Fincher:I like the lurid. And by the way, how many motherfuckers are out there doing the hero's journey? It's 8 out of 10 movies. I'm just not interested in that stuff. There's plenty of people to fill that role. But I don't say, "Fuck, let me try and find something where people just really hate each other." I don't want to be the Prince of Darkness. But, but—
  • Details:But Satan came to me and said, "You are."
  • Fincher:People keep whispering to me. I'm trying to sleep, and the voices keep telling me. . .

referenced a selfie and actually managed to capture my angry/exhausted resting face, i look incredibly unapproachable like 90% of the time and it sucks bc thats like the exact opposite of how i want to look :[

  • PLAYBOY:Do you know if any actors have backed away from working with you because of what they think you’re like?
  • FINCHER:I’m sure there are people who think I bite the heads off puppies. There’s nothing I can do about that. The relationships that matter to me are always with people who wouldn’t have preconceived notions based on somebody’s work. I gave up worrying about that years ago. I remember giving a quote, “I’ve got demons you can’t even imagine.” It was a joke. It was fun. It was out of context. My parents were always concerned about things I was quoted as saying. My dad thought for a time that I was playing into it.

Hindi naman porket hindi kita pinapansin, galit na ako. Ang tagal na kayang hindi magkakasama. Everything has changed. You turned into someone far different from us. Hindi mo din kami masisi kung bakit nag-iba na. Hindi naman kasi lahat permanent. Sana alam mo yun.

already planned out a fitz/simmons, trip/skye but really ot5 (but really, really ot7) college!au

i’m not even a little sorry

  • Details:How are you different as directors?
  • Fincher:He wraps a lot earlier than I do.
  • Affleck:I just go home by lunch. I gauge a day by how early I go home. No, I mean, I don't put myself really on a par with David in terms of "I'm this, he's that."
  • Details:What was your takeaway from watching David work?
  • Affleck:The biggest thing I learned from David, really, is that he has a kind of insistence on "This is what I want to do, this is how we're going to do it." Because this business has a lot of people saying no—like, "This is going to be too hard" or "This is too expensive" or "No one's going to want to see that" or "We can't have it this way." And I have tended, to my embarrassment, in the past to go, "Oh, you think? Really? We can't do that? I guess we can't do that." And David can push through by force of will what he wants. And I know that the next movie I do, it's going to be colored much more by "Well, this is what I want to do, so we're going to find a way to do it."
  • Details:You'll be an asshole the next time.
  • Affleck:Yeah, I'll be more of a prick. "He was a nice guy till he worked with Fincher."
Fix me, I'm broken.

Hindi daw makakapunta bukas si Sir Migs dahil may meeting siya bukas. I’m so broke. Laslas na this.

I’ve never felt so happy in my life, I always felt like I never had anyone I can actually tell everything to. I tell you what’s up to me, if I’m busy or doing something and every single little thing even if you don’t care. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. I was praying that you and me might end up together. But I know that it will never happen. So thank you for the time and forced efforts and for the last time I’m sorry I can’t be perf, I can’t be the man you wanted me to be. Sorry.