Rapunzel Syndrome

As a kid in primary school a few of us got into this weird habit of sucking on the ends of our hair. Our parents warned us that our insides would get riddled with disgusting hairballs. Naturally, growing up I thought it was about as true as a tree growing in my stomach after eating apple seeds but it turns out it’s a very real condition.

It’s as simple as it seems, occurring as a consequence of eating hair - a phenomenon called trichophagia. It is often coupled with trichotillomania; the compulsive urge to pull out one’s own hair.

The mass it creates is termed a trichobezoar and must be removed surgically. Accumulation of hair in the GI tract will eventually create an obstruction, a medical emergency often characterised by abdominal pain, swollen abdomen, abdominal distension, vomiting, faecal vomiting, hernia and constipation.

Sometimes I just want to write stuff in conversational language instead of articulate it with references and have it make sense to my tutor.

Just wanna say Freud, you did a shitload of coccaine and became a grandfather of psychiatry with some interesting ideas, some are truth, some are just wak but props to you mate. Sometimes self analyses is the best way to work shit out. Dream interpretation is my fav to be honest.

Your thoughts were a bit too centralised, but we’ve worked that shit out now. It ain’t all about the mind, keep yo behaviour in check, watch out for those non dominant stories that you let rule you, the unconscious is an incredible tool in fuckin’ you up if ya not careful and no matter what your past can determine where your future lies, it doesn’t HAVE to control you and your decisions ANYMORE. You are your own enemy and your own saviour at the same time.

Thank fuck for modern psych theories. I AINT GOT NO PENIS ENVY!

Welcome to the hall of fame Freud. Keep that snow flowin’.

Mental illness, of course, is not literally a “thing” — or physical object — and hence it can “exist” only in the same sort of way in which other theoretical concepts exist. Yet, familiar theories are in the habit of posing, sooner or later — at least to those who come to believe in them — as “objective truths” (or “facts”). During certain historical periods, explanatory conceptions such as deities, witches, and microorganisms appeared not only as theories but as self-evident causes of a vast number of events. I submit that today mental illness is widely regarded in a somewhat similar fashion, that is, as the cause of innumerable diverse happenings. As an antidote to the complacent use of the notion of mental illness — whether as a self-evident phenomenon, theory, or cause — let us ask this question: What is meant when it is asserted that someone is mentally ill?

— Thomas Szasz


I had a psychiatrist try to put me on anti-anxiety medication when I was younger and I asked him what the difference was, ideologically between taking the pills to make myself feel better or just drinking or smoking it away and all the dude could say over and over again was that this was okay because it was being prescribed. That shit still irks me.

My Life in Therapy (pt. VII)
  • Therapist:This wasn't exactly what I meant when I told you to start talking back to him.
  • Me:But it makes sense. I swear it makes sense. To me.
  • Therapist:I'm getting worried. These are all signs pointing towards the possibility of delusional episodes.
  • Me:You don't understand.
  • Therapist:I think you need to come back to see me.
  • Me:But you don't understand...
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Mental Illness for EVERYONE 

Attachment and Loss, Volume I: Attachment — John Bowlby (1969).

John Bowlby, a British psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, pioneered research into attachment theory. Beginning in 1969, he authored a three volume set on Attachment and Loss, of which this title is the first. 

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"Thus, just as animals of many species, including man, are disposed to respond with fear to sudden movement or a marked change in level of sound or light because to do so has a survival value, so are many species, including man, disposed to respond to separation from a potentially caregiving figure and for the same reasons,"  — John Bowlby. 

So my psychiatrist isn’t completely incompetent; I told her that my ability to concentrate was absurdly poor and she didn’t even mention ADD so good on her. She wants me to get blood work to see if she can up my Trileptal without killing me.

I’m a little angry at my therapist, though. This whole “I think you’re bipolar thing” was her idea, and the longer I’m on these meds the more I think that’s completely bullshit. My MO has been depression that’s gotten worse and worse over time. Welbutrin made me manic, and she said that was diagnostically significant in terms of bipolar disorder, but no one else seems to think that. So I’m gonna see if I can just stop these meds and try a different anti-depressant. What a waste of time, treating me for something I don’t even have.

I genuinely like my therapist, We have a good therapy relationship. I’ve known her since I was a teenager. But I might need to start shopping. I’ve asked her to converse with my psychiatrist, who’s one of her “people,” because this mess was totally her idea and I can’t deal with asking when I should stop my current course of “treatment,”  I’m not sure how she’s taking it. If you’re angry at your therapist you should be able to tell them, right?

I think I need a more holistic approach. I’m just using chemicals to treat all these individual symptoms and that can’t be healthy.

I don’t know if I should go off Cipralex 5mg before it “takes a hold of me” and start on Litium Orotate instead. And yeah I went crawling back to Prima psyc facility, but I don’t know if I can trust them, I don’t know if they want to help or just squeze me on cash for sessions and meds.

There is seriously no one I can talk to about this, the friends I have ether live in America or to faraway here and I would just feel awful if I started burdening them with my shite little problems.