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Sie ist das Mädchen, was anders als andere denkt. Ihre Art ist vollkommen und mit keiner Art eines anderen zu verwechseln. Mit ihren Augen verzaubert sie Menschen, auch wenn diese oftmals als Leer bezeichnet werden. Sie gilt als das Psychomädchen, denn sie guckt hin, wenn andere weggucken. Aber das stört sie nicht. Nicht weil sie viel Selbstbewusstsein hat, sondern weil es ihr egal ist was andere denken. (Hoffe du magst es, hehe. -M)

omg das hört sich so cool an und macht mich irgendwie glücklich idk

So... I did a thing

Based on a random blurb from an AU meme, I have created an OC wizard with electroferromancy (control of electricity).  He also has a hint of psychomancy.  His name is Deklan James and you can find him here.


He’s a warlock!

That’s right… I created a psychopath.  Because why not?

Now, I realize the immediate problem with this character is the fact that he is evil and people are going to want to fight him or whatever.  


Unless you want to start out with an established background with Deklan, you can meet him in any old regular situation.  It’s not like he runs around announcing his warlock status to people, that’s counter-intuitive.  So treat him like any ole friend or fellow wizard or stranger you happen to begin interacting with and see what happens!

It’ll be fun! For one of us at least. Muahahaha


This is a blog for the OC Deklan James, a warlock intended for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files universe.

Deklan’s powers are electroferromancy (ability to control lightning/electricity) and psychomancy (ability to control minds).  His psychomancy powers break a few of the Laws from the White Council of Wizards, hence his labeling as a warlock.

Deklan doesn’t mind the label.  In fact, he actually quite enjoys it.  

Deklan is a psychopath.  The only moral code he lives by is his own, and the only rules he has is “always come out on top”.  He enjoys causing mayhem for the sake of chaos, and has no qualms about using and abusing others to get what he wants.

So… have fun!  And good luck…