OK, sorry guys, but I’m watching Hannibal, again and I caught something. Something mind blowing. Ok, we all know Hannibal hits Alana’s head against the wall to “protect” Abigail. Because he doesn’t want her taken away from him and William and as an added bonus now she’s connected to him a little better, but I just want to point out that all he knows for sure, all he really sees is Abigail with red hands. Granted we all know it’s blood. But that’s all he really sees a moment of Abigail walking with red hands and Alana looking for her. And Hannibal goes straight into protective daddy mode. He grabs Alana and knocks her out quickly and quietly with little to no blood, then when Abigail finds him first thing he says is “she’ll be alright. Abigail, show me what happened.” He literally knocks Alana out because he wants to be the first to help her, to protect her or heal her, no matter what. He doesn’t want anyone else to help her, he wants to be her hero. Her father. Her savior. And it’s amazing. And I love it, because he literally has no plan he just knocks Alana out, on the off chance something is wrong with his baby.

Telling the family...

was terrible. they screamed and hollard. they are convinced we disrespected them by now asking my dads permission first. this is the 21 century who does that anymore?. I can t believe this, my dad even disowned me. my happiness should come first not theres. Whatever i am still going to marry the love of my life. 


So you people and friends of mine understand why my family and I wear the gas masks and are COMPLETE FUCKIN PSYCHOS!!!!!!!!
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I cant wait

The moment He wrapped his arms around me everything felt better. When he held me close and kissed my lips I couldnt help but smile and never let him go. I felt like maybe I was suffercating him by how much I was kissing him and telling him “I love you” every 5 seconds. I feel complete with him, He makes me a better person. I feel unstoppable with him. I know everything will be better. I hate the way my family treats him. Hes better than anyone i know. He treats me right and makes me extremely happy. I cant see why they cant understand that. When I’m gone I hope they realize how they pushed me, He’s my life now. My soldier.