Download here: (84mb)

Someone asked for my screentones on DA, and since I uploaded it I figured I’ll share them here too :D Here are all the screentones that I have in 600 DPI mostly transparent PNG. I don’t use all of them in Carciphona; in fact I probably only use like 4 or 5 of them consistently really. I got most of them from the program Deleter Comicworks, and a few from psychobob ages ago (they have their own enormous resource base of tones, go there if you want even more variety), and from friends.

While traditionally tones are supposed to be applied by pasting it on paper, however since these are in digital form, with free transform and channels and layer modes and selection/layer masking available, the ways you can use them have expanded greatly. Having tones is just the start, making smart uses of them and being able to make them blend seamlessly into your style of inking is something you have to figure out on your own ^^

ps sorry for the questionable png file names, younger me decided it was a good idea to give them my own names so I could identify them but some names are really stupid HAHA