And now…I present thee with the eighth crack video.



Sherlock Is Bonkers (Crack video 10)
By: mah81164

These videos are so entertaining.




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1. What is your favorite instrument?

Either violin or bass…I have a bass but I’ve always wanted to play the violin and never got the chance to

2. How many languages do you speak?

Uuuuhhh…One :T

3. If you could choose one episode of one show to watch on repeat for 24 hours straight, what would it be?

Oh God…ummmm….probably would have to be either The Reichenbach Fall from Sherlock or The Wish from Buffy The Vampire Slayer~

4. Have you ever shipped a couple before seeing the show/movie they are from? If so, who and how hard did you fall?

Yes. This happened with Sherlock and John. I had never seen the show before but liked the characters from reading some of the books and watching the films, and my best friend introduced me to the show and made me love them ;u; Thank you, you know who you are~

5. Have you ever had a sex dream about Benedict Cumberbatch?

…Kind of…it was more fluffy and cute though

6. If you could be an extra on The Hobbit or Sherlock, which would you choose?

The Hobbit would be quite fun as I’d get to wear a funny outfit

7. If you have a significant other, are they cool with your intense shipping? And if you don’t, is being okay with gay sex a prerequisite to a potential partner?

Nope, I’m a loner- but yeah, I think if I was to have a potential partner, I wouldn’t really expect them to like it but at least not judge my opinions on it :I

8. Favorite alcoholic beverage?


9. How many hours a day do you spend on tumblr?

Ummm…roughly…uhhh….I don’t even know @_@ more than 5?

10. Favorite female character in a fandom?

Irene Adler

11. Do you wish more people talked to you through tumblr? (Can we get a chat bar, please!)

Kind of…I’m not really good at talking with people most of the time online but I would like to later~

My questions:

1. Favorite pudding/dessert?

2. What is the episode that you’ve most watched from any shows you’ve seen?

3. Favorite ship and why?

4. Least favorite ship and why?

5. Who is the one character/actor from a film or show who you would want to marry and have a family with?

6. Your top celebrity crush?

7. Four rooms. First filled with cake and ice cream and all sorts of other sweet things that would last forever, second is were you enter a game platform and you can make up the story, layout and the characters, third you are a hobbit in Middle Earth, fourth you can enter one TV show and become an important character to the story.

Chose one and someone to come with you.

8. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

9. Your favorite villain?

10. What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

11. Describe the one person who you love, hate or are friends with.


I regret nothing

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Here it is.  The 10th Crack Video.  Beware:  Spoilers Ahead.





I’m back again with another crack video.  Sherlock Crack 11.  It does indeed include spoilers, but not for His Last Vow.  Not yet at least.




Another Sherlock crack video for your enjoyment!



The 12th Sherlock Crack Video



The Final Hour-Sherlock


You know the new released game The Last Of Us?

Yeah…I created a video for it.


Yes, of course.  I forgive you. -John Watson

Soooooo here’s a video I made for The Empty Hearse.  It is filled with SPOILERS, and feels.  And loveliness


Supernatural Bloopers mixed with a bit of Jazz.  As you can imagine this was quite fun editing :D


So I was browsing though my videos, and I realized that I hadn’t posted this video here yet. And well, here it is! :D

But beware:  It is FILLED with FEELS.



Another quick vid I did for Sherlock