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alexandra113 asked:

Hi I'm wondering how you started running? I hate it but want to be in shape.

Hi there! 

I am actually a terrible runner. I don’t run great distances (because I literally can’t do it) but I’m working on it. What I do is do sprints (aka short but hard runs) on a treadmill, or up a hill, or up some stairs. 

If you’re not into running (some people love it but for others doing the same thing for a long time is like having surgery in the woods with a stick) then try sprinting instead. Interval training (that is, when you put in maximum effort for a short period of time over and over again) is a fantastic way to improve your fitness. 

Here are some great Sprint Training workouts: 
1Daf Hill Sprints Edition 
1daf Psych Up Edition 

Although you will put in a lot of effort during the exercises they are over very quickly. For example, when you do the sprints in the Psych Up Edition you sprint for 30 seconds at a time and then do nothing for 30 seconds. You repeat that for the duration of 1 song. Then you move on to some different exercises and come back to it. 

For the hill sprints each sprint is hard but you get to rest afterwards while you come back down the hill. 

The good news is that sprint training helps to improve your overall cardio fitness (your heart and lungs, basically) and this will make running distances easier too. Maybe once running is a little easier to do you’ll enjoy it more. Only time will tell. 

Best of luck! Take pictures and let me know how you went :) 



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