Course Review: PSY220 - Introduction to Social Psychology



Summary of PSY220: Contemporary areas of research in social psychology: social perception, attitudes, inter-personal relations, and group processes. Very well designed, unique and a fascinating course, especially if you want to take it with Dr. Dolderman.

Professor (as of fall 2013): Dr. Dan Dolderman

Break-down (as of fall 2013):

  • 2  Term Tests  (20% each)
  • Paper on any of the given 5 topics (30%)
  • Final Exam (30%)

PROS: Detailed and comprehensive coverage of the sociocultural perspective in psychology. This course was really fantastic and great. The instructor, as you can guess from his name, is one of the three professors listed in the Arts & Science Students Union’s Anti-Calendar (an annual survey of course ratings by students) “life-changing” by students. Course content was very interesting, unique and innovative.  You would love this course if you think innovatively and like to look at things from different new angle. 

CONS: If you are kind of person who does not like the social aspect of psychology and how to use its techniques in day to day life, and like things to be very well organized and timely you should consider taking a different course. Although the final exam was not that easy, the two term tests were easy. For the paper you need to think very creatively and innovatively; you need to come up with your own unique ideas to approach the paper.

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