'twas the day before christmas aka day 10 of the 12 days of FOB. here's a video for Immortals that we put together. the song is from the “Big Hero 6” movie + soundtrack. a different version of it will be available on American Beauty/American Psycho

s/o Baymax


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How to Cope with Feelings of Loneliness

1. Understand that loneliness is a feeling, and not necessarily a fact. Sometimes we feel lonely, unwanted or rejected based on wrong beliefs about ourselves and others. Often people and events acts as triggers for our feelings … and then we start to act as if they represent the truth.
2. Fight the urge to withdraw or to isolate yourself. You’ll actually feel better if you some spend time with others (but spend time with people who love you, just for “you”.)
3. Check for making assumptions, or jumping to conclusions, or skewed ways of thinking which make things seem much worse. Then, look for exceptions to balance up the picture. Don’t waste your time and energy on biased, untrue stuff.
4. Related to this, make sure you’re not attacking or putting yourself down. Try and focus on your good points, and things that you do right.
5. Work on being warm and friendly – as often other people are hiding their own feelings of insecurity. Hence, they’ll often be responsive when we are warm and friendly – and then reciprocate by being interested in us.
6. Try and find other people who share some of your interests – as that’s a natural way to form connections, or build bridges.