On this day, Hugo Chavez passed away. Chavez was the President of Venezuela from 1998-2013. He was democratically elected four times. He was a self described democratic socialist. He nationalized the oil industry, vast social reforms with expanding education, expanding healthcare to all, expanding public housing units, expanding worker ran cooperatives, and expanded communes. The policies promoted by Hugo Chavez had vast amount of benefits for the working and poorer classes. Increased the average lifespan, increased nutritional intakes amongst the poorest, land distributed to the landless, poverty rate halved and extreme poverty reduced by two-thirds, child malnutrition reduced, access to safe drinking water increased, average life span increased, literacy rates increased. This is what the socialist Bolivarian revolution has accomplished. 

RIP Comandante Chavez 

Venezuelan fascists attack health clinic, killing two

Caracas, Venezuela - Violent groups linked to Venezuelan neoliberal right torched the headquarters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the city of Barinas, located in Western Venezuela, capital of the municipality and Barinas State. Violent groups also surrounded the headquarters of TeleSur and Venezolana de Television (VTV) in the city of Caracas.

Similarly, they attacked the homes of the President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, and the parents of the former minister of communication and information and member of the Hugo Chávez campaign, Andrés Izarra.

Also, anti-Chavez protesters charged Monday against the Centre of Integral Diagnostic (CDI), located in Baruta, Miranda, a health centre opened in December where a dozen Cuban doctors lend their service to the community. 

The attackers were carrying banners in favor of the presidential candidate of the opposition, Henrique Capriles Radonski, and threw a Molotov into the rehabilitation centre shouting ‘Cubans out.’ It was reported there were no patients inside at the time. 

Two people are reported dead, a couple which went to the defence of the hospital along with another group of residents.

Via Radio Huelga

Fraud in Venezuela

Just wanted to inform this to all of my followers. I live here and the boxes with our votes are being burned before our own very eyes. They don’t wan’t us to know the truth. They don’t want you and the world to know the truth. We will not rest, we will fight this, but the world needs to know. Our country will probably enter on a critical state in the next few hours or days. Spread the truth.

Luis A. C.I. 24090876

En estos momentos me da envidia por no poder ser venezolano. Pueblo soberano, pueblo querido. Adelante Comandante con el plan de derrotar al capitalismo.

Las maquinarias neoliberales han sido pulverizadas y la voz del pueblo se impone triunfante. Una voz de esperanza, una voz de liberación, una voz que nos recuerda que no somos esclavos ni lacayos de nadie.

Viva latinoamérica libre y soberana. Viva el Comandante Hugo Chávez. Viva el sentimiento Bolivariano. Viva la Revolución Bolivariana. Viva el Socialismo.