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Note : The B&W adjustment outside the coloring is just an example. You need to make your own or at least make some modifications. You need to make one for each frame of your gif. You probably also have to edit the coloring if you don’t use it for the same caps. The text folder is in the psd, you can delete it if you don’t want it or edit it just like the border folder. Ask if you have any questions.


Version One - Live Preview & Download: pastebin - raw code
Version Two - Live Preview & Download: pastebin - raw code

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   ∟ version one

  • Sidebar 250x365
  • Description & Links hover
  • All colors are customizable
  • Posts 500px
  • 3 custom links

   ∟ version two

  • Sidebar Image 100x100
  • Title & Links hover
  • All colors are customizable
  • Posts 500px
  • 2 custom links

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Faixa no Título

Olá galero, vou ensinar a vocês como personalizar o título de texto por uma faixa com o título dentro, visualize o estilo aqui. É fácil, primeiro vocês vão criar a faixinha no Photoshop ou em qualquer editor e hospedá-la aqui. Feito isso, você vai copiar o link que vai aparecer e criar uma class para a faixa. Cole apenas este código antes de </style> no seu theme:

#titulo {
background:url('URL/LINK DA FAIXA') no-repeat;
font-size:TAMANHO DA FONTEpx;
line-height:AUTURA DA FAIXApx;

E agora aonde quer que apareça o título, coloque este código:

<div >

Fácil né? É isso, espero que tenham entendido. Beijos! ;*

- Gustavo

anonymous said:

how you make your gifs? like, everytime i try to post a gifset they don't work or the speed is wrong or smth ): would you help me?

so hm, i’m guessing you know how to makes gifs, if you don’t ask me. and if you don’t use photoshop, tell me what is the program :)

to change the time, in the animation window you gonna select all the frames [x]

then you click on the time, under one of the frames and select the time you want (if you want something like 0,12 secs (it’s the time i use) you click in other and little window will show up and then you put the the time) [x]

the time people use are around 0,1 and 0,2. anything more or less than this will make it go too fast or too slow.

and about they don’t moving, it’s because tumblr only takes gif under 1MB, so you need to a) make it smaller b) delete frames. :) [x]

if you didn’t understand something, just ask me again, but out of anon so i can answer privately :)

anonymous said:

How have you manage to make your gif look vintage on your psd pack?

For this pack? The texture that I made is in the pack but I can explain how I made it, it takes 2 seconds.

  1. Open a new layer directly on your gif/edit and paint it all white.
  2. Click Filter > Texture > Mosaic Tiles… this should open :


  3. Select Sketch and you’ll see a list of texture. Select Halftone Pattern and click Okay.


  4. Now, just play with the opacity. I usualy change it too screen too.

anonymous said:

Hi! Could you please tell me where did you get that round texture from your psd pack 1?

For this one? I made it. I simply open a new layer, make a circle with the Elliptical tool and color outside.


For the glow effect, I use the Blending option Outer Glow. To get there, just right click on your layer and select the Blending Options. Then, look for Outer Glow on the left bar of the menu.