Hello guys, it’s my video for my queen, for person who changed me and I just wanna say a massive thank you, Ty. I’d be so happy if y’all will watch it. And also thank you guys for your support, thank you that you watching my videos, thank you <3

LESSON FOR THE DAY: Huwag mandaya sa bunutan.

This morning, we had an activity in our PSIT subject where we have to pick a paper what has a question written in it. You’ll stand in front for at least a minute and state your answer. For the late comers, it’s a minimum of two minutes.

Since I’m late (for 45 minutes. Oh boy) I stood in the front longer. The first paper that I randomly picked from the container has the question: “What will you do if you forgot your mom’s birthday?” I don’t have something to say in that topic to I asked my friend to pick another for me.

I picked for the second time and I got: "How to make someone fall in love with you?" I was like, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” I wanted to pick another one but the container is already in my teacher’s hands so another “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” moment for me.

I don’t really have an experience in that field (well, not much). I don’t even know how to flirt for Pete’s sake! I never, EVER in my entire life tried to make someone to love me. So what did I say in front of the class?

P.S. This is not word-for-word of what I said. This is a better, edited version but the thought is still there.

I don’t really think you can make someone fall for you. People may love you for different reasons but I think everything has this common denominator and that is confidence. You should feel confident about yourself first. If someone believes that your beautiful but you think otherwise, that someone will eventually be pissed because of your insecurities (plus, your insecurities will GREATLY affect your relationship). You have to love yourself first before others. Learn to accept your flaws and just believe in yourself. When you finally achieve confidence, you will believe that you are really worth to be loved and that is a major help in a relationship.

After that, I got side-tracked. Haha. And my time was up.

It surprised me that when I sat down, I felt like I still have something to say. In other words, BITIN. I wanted to say that you should just be yourself etc, etc.

Anywayyyyyyyy, I’m really loving our PSIT subject and the teacher! I’m looking forward to our meetings!


Τώρα εγώ γιορτάζω κι η Αθήνα μετράει ζημιές… Όλα την ίδια στιγμή γίνονται… Ένας υπέροχος ήλιος, ένα καμένο κέντρο, μια παράτολμη έξοδος σε ξένες αγορές που πήγε καλά. Αυτή τη στιγμή είμαι χαρούμενη! Πήγα καλά στο Μόναχο! Ήμουν προετοιμασμένη για μηδέν παραγγελίες (με όσους είχα μιλήσει μου έλεγαν οτι πρέπει να πάω τουλάχιστον δύο-τρείς φορές ώσπου να κάνω παραγγελία εκεί) και γύρισα με δέκα: Αυστρία, Γερμανία, Ιταλία, Βέλγιο και… Σικάγο!!!

Περισσότερες φωτογραφίες και σχόλια εδώ 



Well… I know.. Athens is in a bad state but… I’m celebrating. What can I do? Good and bad things exist simultaneously.. Such a beautiful sunshine today, burning smell as I pass Attikon cinema, too happy from my success at the Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich to get down by the news here. I did well!!! I went there expecting zero orders (the people I had talked to before going had all said I’d have to take part to the fair at least two times before I saw any orders) and I come back with ten! From Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium and… Chicago!!! Photographs and more comments here

I applaud Mission’s Council for their guts to try some new and bold.  In hindsight, the creation and implementation of the PSIT seems to not have been a good move.  I applaud Council for being proactive in fighting crime, but wish they had sought greater council on how to create and implement such a program.

My hope is that the program will be revised and released to move forward.