This is one of those cases where someone genuinely seems to like the comic and has fun making connections between reoccurring themes and facts. But then you have to ask WHAT COMIC DID THEY READ?

Hussie didn’t go “hmmm Condense is purple, Derse is purple, I’ll just put her there.” It was a long complicated process involving traveling across 4 universes, killing an immortal psychic servent, being enslaved by a demon and posing as the front of a baking company. She didn’t just suddenly rule Derse in a way that the Ψiioniic could copy and do on Prospit.

Oops more Trollmegles

Too much fun aahh


▲: :33 < signless where are you

▲: :33 < you should know better than to hide from me h33h33

▼: hello?

▼: oh… DIIscIIple?

▲: :33 < it is you h33h33

▲: :33 < i was just about to ask

▼: hmn?

▼: oh. heh. ye2 well.

▼: how are you? IIt2 been a whIIle.

▲: :33 < i am very well

▲: :33 < trying to keep signless out of trouble h33h33

▼: do II even want two know what he’2 done thII2 tIIme?

▲: :33 < maybe you do maybe you dont

▲: :33 < though its most likely you dont

▼: Hone2tly, II dont thIInk anythIIng he doe2 would 2urprII2e me anymore.

▲: :(( < speaking of which have you seen him

▲: :(( < ive been searching fur him all day and have yet to find him

▲: :(( < i am getting worried

▲: :(( < i usually find him within a good few hours

▼: IIf anythIIng he’2 probably wIIth the Doloro2a.

▼: No, II actually haven’t. II’m 2orry

▼: IIm 2ure he’2 alrIIght.

▲: :(( < i hope so

▲: :(( < i had a nasty run in with some highbloods earlier

▲: :(( < so im a little paranoid

▼: oh… well that2 not good at all.

▼: becau2e one day we wont be there two help hIIm

▼: II’ve told hIIm 2everal tIIme2, he need two try and 2tay away from hIIghblood2 IIf he can.

▲: :(( < i will be there fur him as long as i can

▲: :(( < the highbloods are efurywhere though

▲: :(( < traveling is harder than efur

▼: II’m gettIIng more worrIIed for our 2afety then ever…

▼: II know what you mean…

▲: :33 < we have to keep safe

▲: :33 < i would die fur him

▼: a2 would II. IIm 2ure any one of u2 would do everythIIng IIn our power two keep hIIm 2afe.

▲: :33 < h33h33 of course we would

▲: :33 < we all have to stick together through tough times

▲: :33 < the highbloods wont catch us even if we have to take the most diffurcult path

▼: II 2ure hope you are rIIght… II’ve had aweful thought2 recently that mIght prove otherwII2e. II’m ju2t hopeIIng that they are ju2t 2IIlly dream2….

▲: :33 < what have you b33n dreaming psioniic

▼: well, la2t nIIght II had dreamt that the Doloro2a and II were 2eperated from the re2t of you… And awful thIIng2 happened. IIm not even 2ure what anymore. The la2t thIIng II remember wa2 terrIble paIIn and 2omethIng two do wIIth a boat.

▼: IIt wa2 probably nothIIng, am II correct?

▲: :33 < we will make sure your dreams dont come true

▲: :33 < as long as we are alive we will be together

▲: :33 < all of us

▲: :33 < we were meant to travel together and help signless

▼: II hope you are rIIght…

▼: But 2ome of the thIIng2 II have envII2IIoned or dreampt, They have come true. lIIke meetIIng you all and beIIng freed from my en2lavement.

▲: :33 < then we will just have to work extra hard not to let this come true

▼: Thank you very much. The kIIndne22 you and the other2 have 2hown me…. II could never repay IIt fully.

▲: :33 < there is no reason to repay it

▲: :33 < we are a family

▲: :33 < we help each other

▲: (Oh gosh, all my feelings. You don’t mind if I post this on Tumblr??)

▼: ((no. go right ahead. XD ))

▼: ((I’m going to end up saving it anyways.))

▼: II under2tand. II couldn’t a2k for any greater frIIend2, nor a greater famIIly.

▲: (Haha alright! Thanks)

▲: :33 < neither could i

▼: ((i just hope im making a good psionic. ._. im a tad out of practice))

▲: (Well there’s not much to go off of and I rather like it! I’m still developing my Disciple haha)

▲: :33 < my life would not be complete if i had not joined

▼: ((true. heh))

▼: 2ometIIme2 II wonder what II would have done wIIthout you all be2IIde me. proably would have dIIed alone alIIke they alway2 2aIId II would.

▲: :33 < shoosh

▲: :33 < there is no use wondering about that because it will nefur happen h33h33

▼: II know. But II can’t help but wonder… Bah. let2 put that a2IIde for now. no u2e botherIIng over IIt.

▲: :33 < if you efur want to talk you know we are all her fur each other

▼: II know. and II couldn’t be more thankfull.

▲: :33 < same here

▲: :33 < psioniic i should probably continue my search for signless

▼: AlrIIght. plea2e take care.

▲: :33 < you too

▲: :33 < we are in a time of danger

▲: :33 < we must be careful

▼: very much 2o. good luck my deare2t frIIend.

▲: :33 < furwell dear furriend


ever since the dancestors were introduced, my ancestor headcanons changed a little. for example, pre-condy psioniic is more of a douche and redglare is just a more hardcore version of latula. she also has longer hair. i just wanted to doodle them quickly.

just between you and me, i ship these two.





It was rare when of their dream bubbles collided together.

It was rarer still to see how much more… Friendlier the Highbloods were. 

They, that is, the Condesce and the Grand Highblood, apologized to Darrius and Haii about what they did. Even Dualscar managed a general apology.

The Dolorosa was of course escastic to be with Darrius and Haii, and after endless hugging and mothering retreated away to begin sewing new clothes for the pair.

Cato surveyed the eleven other trolls, curious at their interactions.

The Disciple was teasing Darkleer, who honestly looked happier than he had when he was alive. The Handmaid was somewhere, probably talking to Dualscar. 

Mindfang was…

"You know Redglare, you’re always supposed to keep your guard up."

"Darling, when its you, I don’t bother." The blue-blooded troll laughed and moved in front of her, giving her a look. 

"I killed you, you should always worry!"

"Marquise, let us play nice for right now."

‎”Nice? Don’t be silly!” Cato sighed, shoving her rival away as Haii walked over, his red-blue eyes slightly apprehensive of approaching anywhere near the Pirate. 

"Yes Haii?" Cato firmly ignored the Spider Troll, tilting her head curiously at the yellow blooded troll.

"Dar… The Sufferer," He winced at the name slightly but continued. "He uh, heard from one of the others that it was possible for us to meet our Decendents. But he needs all of our help in doing it sucessfully."

"Why would we want to meet those annoying grubs?" Marquise cut in, scowling a bit. 

"You may not want to meet Venrir (?), but I’ve heard plenty of Tezer and I wish to meet him." Cato nodded towards the Psioniic and he gave a hesitant smile, looking back at his mate. 

"I’ll call you guys over in a bit then… If you want to help anyway." He muttered before turning heel and returning back to his friends. Cato dimly wondered when the mutant-troll had gotten flushed feelings for the psionic. It was slightly sweet...