I try not to mock superheroine costumes on this blog too much (though sometimes as a side thing, everybody needs hobbies right?)  but… I can’t stop boggling at this one, because it’s not even like her costume is tight against her.  It’s a loose, unzipped jacket (I’m unsure how she WOULD zip it up) and it’s clear she’s not wearing a bra at all, and yes, her bottom does go into a thong, which means she’s wearing some sort of flak thong.  Very protective, I’m sure.


Look Around You - Leonard Hatred.




Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

We had a gig tonight. By “we” I mean The College and by “gig” I mean nightmare.

We had relatively inexperienced musicians performing to parents and friends in a local venue and degree students doing the Live Sound Reinforcement. The same as the setup I was discussing last Thursday, if you remember / care.

The Musicians did a stellar job through nerves and hiccups but I was really let down by my Sound guys.

One had failed to schedule properly and as a result had to leave halfway through the set-up to go elsewhere (he returned later but the damage was done by then).

One was a guy who was just doing us a favour, bless him. Not a Soundguy, but a sound guy nonetheless.

Two were perpetually confused and scared of touching the equipment.

I should point out at this moment in time that we had repeatedly done test runs of the same equipment back at the Studios, so that they were comfortable with it before this event.

Their scheduling was poor and they didn’t leave themselves enough time for a Sound Check.

They didn’t Sound Check.

They still ran over their schedule and the gig started late.

They didn’t “ring out” the monitors, so there was a hideous amount of Feedback all night.

I complained, they complained, the other lecturers complained, the audience complained.

I wanted to crawl into a little hole or maybe get hold of a can of Psilence (link to YouTube video explaining Psilence).

The best sound of the night was when the Mixing Desk blew up so we couldn’t route anything to the Front of House speakers so I took charge and (with another lecturer) ensured that all the guitars were amped, the keyboard was going through an amp and that the vocals were plugged directly in to one monitor each, pointed at the audience. The monitors we were using being tiny active Yamaha MSR100s…

I think all students concerned, from both sides, truly saw a demonstration of the importance of planning, organisation and sticking to schedule…

Tomorrow I have to do it all over again.

Friday I’ll try and do a blog about Feedback destruction…