Patrick Sharp at Blackhawks STH Winterfest party, 12/12/11

[side note: The man seriously cannot take a bad picture. He had massive bedhead going (probably has hardly slept since his baby girl was born, awwww…), looked a bit tired, but had plenty of smiles for everyone. Definitely still has that “new dad life is AWESOME” glow.]

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Haha, love Patrick Sharp so much. Look at how he gets up after the goal, does his “thank you, thank you” arm spread, and is all “how you like me NOW?”

But not arrogantly. Just a happy hockey boy. “Yay! We won! And Hossa, YOU are awesome, too!”

Patrick Sharp, made of awesome.

"Who’s a very handsome man? I am!!"

Ok, just kidding. This was Patrick Sharp at practice on Wednesday. He always seems to have a good time at practice, but he did a little celly after scoring a goal.

The next night, he went on to have a Patrick Sharp hat trick: 2 goals, an assist, and a brand new baby.

Congratulations to Patrick & Abby Sharp on the arrival of their first daughter, Madelyn Grace!

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Patrick Sharp on CSN yesterday