Things I wish guys and girls that are friends could do without it being seen as weird, odd or romantic:

• Text each other frequently
• Hold hands
• Give each other surprise gifts
• Top of your head kisses
• Going to see a movie together with out getting the “You two are on a date aren’t you.” look from the person at to he ticket booth
• Putting your head in their lap/vice verse
• Use them as a sacrifice in a satanic ritual
• Have sleep overs


the true origin of the mini fridge

What engineering school has done to me
  • Physics Professor:We'll be having a quiz at least once a week, which I expect you to come prepared for. If you're having any trouble, I expect you to spent at least several hours on your own before coming to me about it.
  • Me:Oh, of course.
  • Chemistry Professor:For the next test you will need to be able to recognize and complete over 100 different chemical equations.
  • Me:Well ok, that sounds reasonable
  • Math Professor:Please do a triple integral to determine the density of this cube when the density is proportional to its distance from the xy-plane.
  • Me:Psh, piece of cake.
  • English Professor:I'm giving you two days to write a 500 word short piece on a childhood experience of yours.
  • Me:whaaaaa.. .. . ... what does that even....