Ah… não lembro de quase nada, mas sei que não era muito poético falava um pouco sobre o amor.. mas não exalta exatamente ele… Era mais ou menos assim… preciso de comida chinesa.. de um cachorro chamado bartolomeu… de um abraço de verdade… de uma carta de Julieta… de uma mensagem secreta… preciso correr ao ambiente de arvores de outono na primavera… sonhar com um céu estrelado.. com anéis rodeando a nossa órbita…preciso montar em um tubarão.. gritar para os 4 ventos e para os 7 mares por amor… EU QUERO AMOR.. quero um amor de verdade.. não daquelas mentiras deslavadas que saem com sabão OMO… quero um amor que cheire a chocolate… a morango e a todas as coisas boas que já senti quero um mundo com amor.. onde todos são amados.. onde está o amor ao próximo meu Deus? onde enfiaram esse amor? destruíram tudo.. só consigo enxergar ódio por toda parte.. com ou sem meus óculos só vejo dor… a vida sem amor é vivida mas convenhamos ter um amor seu deve ser uma maravilha.. aa ngm consegue ter uma conversa louca agora… eu preciso de um abraço sla… comida de de… sla preciso sair dessa prisão preciso bater em uma freira gorda chamada olívia…preciso respirar o ar do alasca… preciso pular da torre eifel… preciso aprender a escrever esses nomes do jeito certo… preciso pular a 50 metros direto no mar.. preciso montar em um tubarão.. aprender a voar… preciso de um cachorro chamado Bartolomeu.. preciso de chocolate e de muito amor não em papel mas amor de verdade EU QUERO AMOR NESSA VIDA PORRA… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA quero gritar para os 4 ventos e 7 mares quero que me escutem clamando por amor nesse mundo de ódio perverso… onde está o amor aos iguais? e aos diferentes? só vejo raiva e desespero… por isso quero gritar pelo amor… Muito amor para todos nós… Eu clamo por isso precisamos nos amar… realmente precisamos… de Amor… poxa é o que deveria ser… e o que deveria existir por toda parte e todos os lados… um lugar repleto de Amor…
—  V.E.R.
Paying Daddy A Visit || Closed

Today was the day. Juliet was getting out of here for a whole day. Granted a whole day wasn’t much but, she was going to finally do what she’d dreamt about for the entire year she had been here. Confronting her father and finally killing him. 

She grabbed her bag of stuff that she needed and quickly signed out. She was escorted by a guard out of the asylum. The escort lead her to a car and told her to get in. Then they drove to her dad’s place of residence. She looked at the man that was her escort and told him to go get some lunch and a hotel so she could have some alone time with her father. The escort was hesitant at first but, after a few seductive glances and a twenty dollar bill in his lap. He finally agreed and said he’d be back in 23 hours exactly. 

Juliet grabbed her bag and turned to face the house she had grown up in. The house that was filled with memories of abuse. She took a deep breath before walking up to the door. She hesitated but, knew there was no turning back now. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Her heart beating faster with every passing second. 



have you ever heard of the term pseudo relationship? 

Pseudo means false.

Ito yung parang kayo pero hindi.

You just threat each other in a special way. No commitment. 

Walang nanligaw, walang sinagot. Hindi ka sure sa role mo sa buhay nya.

You can’t expect him/her to be always there for you, you can’t demand, you can’t be jealous, there’s no us, just you & me.


  • Polar Wind
  • 020-Weather (1)


take comfort in my caresses
that glide across your cheek;
lean into me or shield yourself
for I may be strong for you,
cold, warm or dry as bone;
let me lift you, unburden your feet
and make you feel that you do fly;
let me dry away your tears or
blame me for your stinging eyes,

but above all,
remember me.
     I am with you;
     I am the wind.


(Audio is BBX SFX Library, 1999, Weather, Polar Wind)

PSEUDO LOVE | expl♥de -______-

♥ Siguro nga masaya ka ngayon. Una, dahil may karelasyon ka. At pangalawa, masarap ang pakiramdam na may nagaalalaga sayo. Ang tanong, ano ang foundation ng sinasabi mong RELASYON na yan? Gaano katagal bago naging kayo? Gaano mo siya kakilala? Mahal mo ba talaga siya? At kung gaano kayo tatagal? Sa dinamidami ng mga kwentong nabasa, napanood at narinig ko tungkol sa mga “Kami Agad Relationship”, may 2:10 ratio lang yung nagtatagal. Siguro dahil wala naman talagang sapat na pundasyon yung relationship na yun. Naisip ko nga noon, wow ambilis naman maging sila na para bang, kahapon lang single siya e tapos ngayon may jowa na? Tapos after some time, nga 2 or 3 weeks, pinaka matagal na ata 3 months, eventually those “Kami Agad Relationships” turned into “Break Kami Agad Relationships”. Para sa akin ng isang relasyon ay kahit kelan hindi dapat madaliin. Una, hindi mo naman talaga alam kung mahal mo siya. Pangalawa, hindi mo pa siya ganoon kakilala. At pangatlo, hindi mo sigurado kung mahal ka rin niya. People will naturally invest emotions to people who tell’em they love them. Kahit minsan nga hindi mo gusto ang isang tao, pag sinabi niyang gusto ka niya, may something sayo na nagsasabing gusto mo rin siya. Mahal mo nga ba talaga siya? O gusto mo lang siya? Iba ang MAHAL sa GUSTO. In english, LIKE is far different from LOVE. You might think na mahal mo siya kasi gusto mo palagi siyang andiyan para sayo. But it doesn’t mean like that. Siguro gusto siya pero HINDI MO SIYA MAHAL. Kasi you just want him/her for yourself. Hindi ba paramg selfishness yun? Hindi na lang siya yung niloloko mo, PATI YUNG SARILI MO. Masakit din maloko, kung hindi mo naman talaga siya mahal, BETTER if you just let him/her go, as for being your partner. But be more of his/her friend. There’s nothing wrong with telling him/her what you exactly feel. Or more so, try tossing a coin. You have two options, Heads, for example, Mahal mo siya, or Tails for . Try chosing one. Toss, flip, drop. When it drops, it may be a head or a tail. Pero kung hindi mo nagustuhan ying kinalabasan, pustahan uulitin mo magtoss lumabas lang yung gusto mo. At may sikreto akong sasabihin, hindi mo naman makukuha ang sagot pag bumagsak yung coin e. Malalaman mo ang sagot habang finiflip mo yung coin. Kasi behind your mind ipinapanalangin mo na kung ano yung tunay mong gustong sabihin at gustong lumabas sa coin. Now how can you say you love or like a person? Two ways, by heart or by coin.

Talk about friendzone..

Kung tutuusin, ilang beses na din akong nafriendzone. 

1. 1st yr highschool: Bespren ko yung lalake, may kaibigan akong babae.. Naging sila nung kaibigan kong babae. Worst part. Ako pa naging bridge. :))

2. 3rd - 4th yr highschool: Angel, got friendzoned. YES. but i escaped the holy smokes! Yeah! We’ve become “we” and ended up just a month after i said yes to him. Cool yes.

3. Someone who must not be named: We’ve become best buds since I entered college. Ayoko pa nun makisama sa mga babae kasi naartehan PA ako sa kanila. He’s my first mate then.. We exchange laughs and accompany each other. Luckily, after 1 sem he and my blockmate started dating. And after a week or two, BOOM! Sila na. 

4. Someone who must not be named II: My friend. As in like superrrr. Ayokong magbigay ng details. HAHAHA :P Pero ako gumawa ng regalo para sa girlfriend nya. :l Yay

5. THE JERK: Actually my ex. He said he still loves me. There comes the flirting at mga kakornihan. All I know BACK THEN was he was like so sincere. Then, i saw this picture. The jerk, with his girlfriend. :) Texted him after that.. Told him every little feelings that I had, and know what he said? “Masama bang maging nice sa isang tao?” PAWNED! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA 

Hah. Lalake ngang talaga ako. 


what’s real? how long can someone make you think they love you while isolating you and being unloyal, all in secrecy.

do you love the one you intentionally keep blind?