okay wow what do I say here 
literal tons of dumbabies
two of these are mine, three of these are not mine, and one of these is a filler filer cat
umumm uhum I streamed this 
and I’m still streaming so my words are dumbabies too
don’t wink at me
okay yeah so down to business I haven’t drawn digitally in so long so I needed to make myself do that and this is the result take it or don’t
Take it or die

Pika and I were talking about drawing characters holding their boyfriends because I misread her as saying she wanted to draw Pallas holding Ormond, instead of the other way around.

Which … started all of this.

Psav would have absolutely no trouble (in any size) holding Arcana, who belongs to Tiger… and Witt just wouldn’t bother trying to hold his large, tough, metal-infused boyfriend when Abby can just hold Witt easily. u__u

Witt’s prrrrobably too small in the final one but I’m so used to Psav and Arcana I forget how to draw human-sized equivalents… and Ormond is too short for a big beastie, too. WHATEVER.

THIS ONE I didn’t actually have…… a plan for it, but I like the result more.

Actually this one started out with me being too sleepy to draw so I drew a purple stick Psav in the middle of my page and everything else just … happened.

Psavine is a little shapeshifting devil in a magical world who likes to wander into places most normal/sane people would not, and hang around creatures most would be scared of.

or some kind of sign that the one that she cares for who’s out of his mind will make it back safe to her arms

Okay so, I saw a picture of a style sort of like this on my dashboard and I … became compelled because I like playing with new things.

That is all.

Arcana (top left) and ….. lady whose name I forgot..DANU on the bottom middle both belong to Tiger
Meanwhile Vance (top middle) belongs to Pika.