My monthly Penthouse page is out in print! Every month’s issue will feature a page of my important Titmouse meeting doodles. I had to submit this one 3 times. The first time was “not dirty enough” the second was “too offensive” and this one was “just right.”

One aspect of the “too offensive” part was calling out the gentleman featured in the comic as a convict and a truck driver (two of the largest demographics of the magazine.) Once the characters were not labelled as such, they come off kinda like hipsters. Neck tattoos and trucker caps are no longer the exclusive domain of prisoners and truckers!

By the way, the empty area in the upper left is where I thought they’d put the “graphic displays” header. Instead it was jammed in awkwardly on the right. I’ll try to fix that in upcoming issues…


This is the last time Adult Swim put anything Metalocalypse related on their YouTube channel.

Seeing as most of us already bought season 4 we could show our numbers by going to this video, liking it and leaving a comment asking very politely for news regarding season 5. If a whole bunch of us did it they would notice. In fact, I’m betting they’d even notice a spike in clicks, because they’re a company, they want to make money from us. If we show them how many of us there are they’ll start seeing dollar signs.

Here is the vid link: Metalocalypse advertisement on youtube

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Motorcity - Behind the Scenes



Many years ago (2008!), Chris and Shannon Prynoski came to me with the opportunity to make a short film through Titmouse. I had the freedom to make whatever idea came to mind. I decided to start with a circus dog doodle I had sketched months before and went from there. I spent a good 6 months just solidifying the story, designing the characters and creating the animatic. We would do occasional meetings to discuss its progress and I’d show a few friends and colleagues to get helpful feedback. After that, I was given a bit of time between projects to work on it (along with nights and weekends) and a lot of crazy talent to help me out with backgrounds, animation, cleanup, compositing, music and more. All in all, the film took 1 and half years to make. In 2010, it made the festival rounds and won a few awards. (Audience Awards from Austin Film Festival, Red Rocks FF, and Los Angeles Animation Festival). Thought you might like to see a few concept sketches of Barko’s beginnings!

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My tribute to the visually stunning Motorcity by Chris Prynoski. I wanted to make an action packed video capturing the show’s themes of fun, friendship, and driving really fast in really cool cars. I hope I was able to get this across. Beware of spoilers!

Thank you Titmouse for the awesome show!

Title: Drop Detroit

Footage: Motorcity
Audio: Drop Your Weapon (2007 Demo)
Artist: Neon Trees

from the petition comments:

"Metalocalypse was something I loved sharing with my now deceased musician father. I bought the first season and showed him, and we were hooked. He proudly told his metalhead buddies ‘look what my daughter showed me!’ When the next three came out, we were quick to get those as well. I’m sad to say he didn’t get to see the Rock Opera, or the Fifth season. So I’d love to see the series come to a solid conclusion. It seems like a small, silly thing, but it’d mean a hell of a lot to me, as it would have to him." - Canada

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