A Place to Call Home || prxf


    The house was in ruins, the falling rocks bringing it down along with the force of Carrie’s own mind. Her head lowered, staring at her hands. They had blood on them,  Mama’s blood. It was a truth she didn’t want to face. Mama was buried beneath the rubble of the house, dead because of Carrie.

       Carrie had forced herself to move, forced herself to get up, buy some clothes and leave the house behind. Now, she sat in a diner, a pathetic plate of half-eaten breakfast and a lukewarm cup of coffee. The first thing she brought was a hoodie, and ever since she did she kept the hood up. She was still too close to Chamberlain, someone could see her and know who she was.

     It had been about an hour since she walked into the diner, but she was still sitting there, trying to put together what her next move was. It wasn’t going to be easy. People assumed she was dead, whatever money her and Mama had was untouchable. So, money was an as much of an issue as where she was going to go from here.

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“I don’t wanna fight alone anymore.”

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            Alex glanced up from the paper he had been reading.
            Most of the people in the mansion were well asleep by now.
            So he was surprised to hear the voice. Eyeing the Professor,
            of all people he cleared his throat and pushed himself off the couch.
            What could Alex say to him that would make him feel better? Though,
            he doubted that’s what Charles even wanted. “I—Professor?” He shook
            his head slowly. “You aren’t alone. You have your students, the teachers.
           You have—” What was he going to say? ‘Me’ Charles didn’t have Alex.
           How would The Professor even react when he told him he was planning
          on leaving—to join Erik of all people. Alex didn’t mean to sound so distant.
           But he couldn’t help him. “You don’t have to go through this alone”