Our trusty ol Prusa Mendel chugging away printing parts for some new Prusa i3s.

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3D Printing In 30 Seconds | RepRap Prusa i3

До 6ти утра ковырял, не доковырял, сегодня надеюсь на праздничний запуск, главное не увидеть блаженный голубоватый дымок из мосфетов😂😂😂😂😂 чисто теоретически это должен быть 3d принтер😂😂. #3dprinter #reprap #prusa #prusai3 #makerbot #3d #cnc #diy #hobby #hotend #electronics #geek #dnepropetrovsk #dnipropetrovsk #ukraine #днепропетровск #украина by podrezzzzz —

Today I finished my bodyworks almost. This is the point I’m still waiting for my linear bearings to come either from UK or from China everything is cumming so beautifully together! Also I ordered some electronic board and waiting till it gets here. Later I’m going more in depth but since I make this build off from my phone I will need some laptop-typing board to give al the URLs and names

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#prusa i3 steel first run 🙌 Finally got it to print something. #prusa #prusai3 #reprap #3dprinter #kitprinter3d

H3LL0 W0r7d

Hello Everyone,

I know i have been a bad blogger…

lots of stuff happend; the 3d printer is faster and smoother as ever,

im bussy with making a new extruder wich (for me atleast) is going to change whole alot in 3d printing!!

its a dual head, bowden extruder (now youre thinking whats special about that, well this extruder has 2 special  abilities no other extruder has in 1 extruder) but pictures and more later about that!

also as an artist lots of stuff happend last year and sinds this is possible i’m just going to retro-post them here as i find the pictures and other stuff.

well on 2 my blog 2.1 vers.B posting :P