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A: I hate nicknames…but my friends still do it to annoy me. They call my Ana

A: October 29

A: female

A: 5’6

Sexual Orientation:
A: bisexual

Favorite Colors:
A: Purple, black, and red

Time & Date at Current Moment:
A: March 28 1:27 a.m.

Average Hours of sleep:
A: Idk like 2-3 hours on average. I know that really sucks but oh well. On days where u don’t give a fuck it’s either 1 hour it just an all nighter

Lucky Number:
A: 10

Last Thing I Googled:
A: Where to find cheap textbooks for college

First Word that comes to mind:
A: dick.

One Place That Makes Me Happy:
A: Home

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under:
A: 3

Favorite Fictional Character:
A: don’t have one

Favorite Books:
A I read lil kid books. Not like Dr. Seuss or shit like that. I’m talking about like Rick Riordan. At the moment it’s Red Pyramid. Don’t judge me….

Favorite anime:
A: I don’t watch anime….

Favorite TV Shows:
A: All the popular kid shows from the 90s

Last Movie I saw in Theaters:
A: I don’t even remember. It’s been so long. I’m broke nigga.

Dream Holiday:
A: Christmas in Paris with ALL of my family. And we’re all HAPPY

Dream Wedding:
A: Never thought about it 

Dream Job:
A: therapist, or artist

Last Book I Read: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I’m such a kid.

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Woop, woop! How does life after the the creamy crack feel?

man it’s aight

lots of twisting

lots of conditioner

lots of detangling

lots of oil dripping from my hair

lots of sadness when ya hair don’t turn out right and you don’t know what else to do cause you gotta be ready for church in an hour

but definitely one of the best decisions i’ve ever made…no regrets whatsoever…

and my edges are prosperous so…there’s that