To those who commit to doing this every day of your life: I commend you. This was my first attempt at editing video footage since I did media studies in high school. At that time I was using iMovie and was using an actual video recorder. This time it was just filmed with my handy dandy camera. I am happy with the footage as it prserves a special memory for me. BUT THE EDITING OHGOD

I used a program called PremierePro. Some problems I had included the confusing layout and the multiple screens as well as everything being so small on my laptop screen. But by far the most frustrating thing was the preview box. It may as well have been non-existent for it never loaded the full video, so it made cuts difficult. I ended up needing to rely on the audio from the clips, or using another program to watch the clip and attempt to locate the part through the audio on the program.

I am sure with practice this will come more easily to me, but this was my first experience with it. Some things I did learn were how to add titles, underlying music and adjust things like volume and opacity of the image. Though it was frustrating at times I think it is a skill worth perfecting.