Domaine de la Baume - France

A splendid MAISONS & HOTELS Sibuet property in the heart of Provence, Domaine de la Baume offers exquisite accommodation in an impeccably restored 18th-century country house surrounded by magnificent French-style gardens, ponds, and picturesque olive groves. Unique in style and character, each room and suite is a gracious display of vibrant Provencal colors and antiques complemented by refined fabrics and modern technology. Once the residence of painter Bernard Buffet, this luxurious estate in the hillside town of Tourtour has a lovely orangery and an enchanting restaurant offering exquisite French cuisine and cooking lessons.

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Gorge de la Nesque is a giant lesson in physical geography in the Provence area of France. The entire area being relatively soft limestone, means that the river Nesque has had a chance, over the past million plus years, to carve a very deep, serpentine canyon through what was once a fairly flat landscape. Limestone and water have also combined to produce karst topography, the area is dotted with caves and underground waterways which show signs of habitation back to the Neanderthals. The area is now protected as part of the Mount Ventoux protected biosphere.

The scale of the canyon can’t be adequately rendered in photographs, Rocher du Cire, the prominent reddish cliff face in the first few photos is around 300 metres or 900 feet high, while most of the rest of it is half to two thirds that depth.