Looking for Roman bridges in Provence, France
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“Pontem perpetui mansurum in saecula mundi” (I have built a bridge which will last forever) – Caius Julius Lacer, builder of the Alcántara Bridge Ancient Roman bridges represent one of the greatest wonders of the Ancient World. They are an exceptional feat of Roman construction and I hold a certain fascination for these impressive ancient structures. Naturally I always look for traces of Roman bridges while travelling. It was in Portugal that I really got excited about these engineering marvels. The country is indeed filled with perfectly preserved Roman bridges (see………. Read More

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21 September 2014.  Olive Trees, Les Baux de Provence.  I wanted to paint some olive trees, but strangely there aren’t that many near Bonnieux.  So I decided to drive to Les Baux de Provence, where I knew there were lots.   To my delight I found a perfect olive grove at the foot of Les Baux and so I set up my paints.   The farmer however was driving around in a beat up Renault van, checking on the state of his olives – and as you can imagine, he checked me out at the same time.   Pleased to say though that with the humble evidence of my paint box and my schoolboy French, he indicated it was fine for me to stay.