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I find the complaints quite interesting. Because despite the negativity, it's got people talking. The same people are still following the bands every move, listening to each teaser and release... At the end of he day, you want to stir an audience into attention and that's what they've done. So screw it, they're winning either way and that's damn respectable.

"I was so happy when I finally raised enough money to move my husband and two daughters into Proudspire Manor. He’s finally happy now. Breezhome was always too small, in Honeyside we were raising “little pickpockets”… It was very difficult to please him. Now when I ask him how our kids are, he smiles and says he barely has to worry because there are so many guards patrolling the streets."

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Yeah it the record, your Slytherin/Gryffindor made swooping generalisations and was pretty inaccurate to assume people in the same house are all the same as people. Judging by your description I fit right in as a Slytherin, but I'm completely Gryffindor. Your description of Slytherins held quite a bit of arrogance, which is ironic because that's how you described Gryffindors. I just think its easier to say that there are certain house characteristics, but for the majority the diversity is fluid

I was asked for a generalization. Of course it doesn’t fit everyone, obviously, that is beside the point. And Gryffindors and Slytherins are both pretty damn arrogant and I don’t think anyone is arguing that at all, nor thinking everyone automatically fits the vague idea I gave. 

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So.... Powergirl huh?

Yup! Do you know anything about Power Girl?

She’s a lot more amazing than just a good pair of boobs. Granted, that’s what got my interest piqued in the beginning, and I do find her sexy, but I was astounded and entertained to find a good character behind the boob window.

If you want a good introduction and review of Power Girl’s title #1-12, watch this amazing and entertaining video. I can’t recommend it  highly enough.


In our down-time we sort recycling in our basement in Proudspire.

The other day I saw this wagon, and it had been dumped and set on fire, and well I picked up what I could but really there needs to be like, a “keep Skyrim beautiful” day or something.

Ps. Don’t judge me on the number of empty bottles!


She awoke only a few restless hours later, mind still stirring.  Unsatisfied with keeping cooped up inside, she slipped out the back door and on to the veranda.  The warm glow of firey orange and gold shimmered off her cheeks as she vacated the manor. Brilliant shimmering flames of aurorae painted the sky in every direction.  Misora smiled at the sight, this arrangement of colours being her favourite.

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i hear the missing spouse thing is a rly common bug and that they may usually turn up after a day to a few days. have u tried a script command?

I waited a few days and he turned up again. I almost got really upset though. I thought maybe I told him to go to another house and just forgot and frantically fast traveled to all my houses. Kinda overreacted. Also Proudspire Manor does have 3 floors and I might have walked right past him and not even noticed. Regardless, problem solved. Thanks for this though.

Also, I play on PS3 so I couldn’t use commands even if I did need them