Growing up, I was always that quiet chubby girl who didn’t really have many friends.

At my current age of 19, I’ve learned to love myself (and my curves) and whoever doesn’t feel the same way doesn’t deserve a place in my life! I’ve found cutting out the negativity in your life really helps to make you a more positive person! A huge thank you to this blog and all of its submissions for raising body positivity awareness. Stay beautiful, bunnies! xoxo

19/US size 12~14~16

Today’s food feels like such a break through. It was my first day of my new plan.There may have been tears and silly behaviours, but I achieved a lot.

Breakfast- A whole cup of cereal! (NEW STEP!)


Lunch-Pret veggie Christmas sandwich (after ages unable to pick anything) and a hazelnut latte

Snack- Nakd banana crunch and a Satsuma

Tea- Hunters bbq chicken, mashed potato and veggies. A half portion of apple strudel with custard

Supper- A lowfat apricot yogurt, and a couple of Christmas chocolates (A COUPLE!!!!)

I have definitely reached my new goal, and 2000 for the second time!

I’m neither proud nor ashamed to be Iranian. I am happy about. I take the time to learn about the history and the culture and really love and enjoy so much about it, but I just don’t take pride in something that happened by accident. If I had been born in China, Brazil, Sweden, Nigeria, India, Greece, Indonesia, or anywhere else I’d take the same approach. But don’t let that translate into me saying you shouldn’t take pride in your nationality. I am just saying where I stand on it and this is why I see myself as human first before anything else.