Guess who got bored again! Here, have some more Prototype Soldiers along with what I would imagine the Prototype Super Sailor Moon looking like! Also unlike last time, I made the soldiers’ fingers glow; appearently in the comic, each soldier’s fingers/nails would glow when performing their attacks. So I tried to add that into this.

Mercury, Mars and Venus are from the R Movie. Jupiter had no good poses in the whole movie (at least ones where she’s attacking) so I got her screenshot from SuperS movie. Although that is just her stock footage attack. Oh well. Also at the last minute I added Sailor Moon there, not sure why though.

For more edited pictures of the Prototype Soldiers, go here!

Day 18!

1) Manga or anime, and

2) Favorite illustration from the artbooks.

Well, I’ve never read the manga, so I’ll so with anime.

And I don’t own any artbooks, but from what I’ve seen, I love the prototype senshi!


New photos of one of my earliest works: Prototype Sailor Mars, the last of the prototype senshi available at my etsy shop. The prototype senshi were especially difficult to do because of the details and very specific folds to their skirts. Each senshi has a unique fold. Mars’s is a double fold.

After a Disney princess had modeled Mars for so long, I felt it was time for a change. and I wanted to try out some of the dynamic Crystal poses. Her intro pose ended up looking more like Mars was taking a stroll down the sidewalk.