Guess who got bored again! Here, have some more Prototype Soldiers along with what I would imagine the Prototype Super Sailor Moon looking like! Also unlike last time, I made the soldiers’ fingers glow; appearently in the comic, each soldier’s fingers/nails would glow when performing their attacks. So I tried to add that into this.

Mercury, Mars and Venus are from the R Movie. Jupiter had no good poses in the whole movie (at least ones where she’s attacking) so I got her screenshot from SuperS movie. Although that is just her stock footage attack. Oh well. Also at the last minute I added Sailor Moon there, not sure why though.

For more edited pictures of the Prototype Soldiers, go here!


Proto-type outfits.  I like Moon, Mercury and Venus the best.  Mars is ok, she kept her heels.  I don’t like Jupiters.  She has feathers coming off her midrift and a strange keyhole design going on.  The colors don’t mesh.  Wow I’m rambling.

I did this picture a long long time ago (=July 2013). I wanted to do the other Inners first too, before posting them all in a big photoset but eh. I want to post this now, when I feel like it.

(I don’t have any others done yet, don’t expect to see more any time soon)

Original image this was traced/edited from (background was made of multiple backgrounds used in the show):