Lamborghini Pregunta, 1998, by Heuliez. Designed by Marc Deschamps’ Studio and built by the Italian branch of the French Carrosserie Heuliez. The car is designed to be easily converted into a closed coupe with the addition of two “half-roofs” in transparent polycarbonate. The prototype was built directly prior to Audi’s takeover of Lamborghini, the project was not persued by the company’s new owners. The car used Dassault stealth external paintwork (from the Dassault Rafale jet fighter)


Nancy TR001, 1981. This extra-ordinary car began life in the early 70s. The original design, called Tara, was by a 21-year-old Dominique Billiotte and was based on the NSU Ro 80. The project founded before being taken over by Franco Sbarro, who undertook to modify the original Tara. Nancy, the resulting car, still rotary powered, was presented to the press in 1981 but was immediately criticised for poor finish and crude detailing. The Nancy went no further


My latest obsession.

Viktoria Modesta is an AWESOME musical talent.


Simca Fulgur Concept 1958. Designed by Robert Opron (who went on to design the Citroen SM, GS and CX and the Renault Feugo among many other cars) and first displayed at the 1959 Geneva Auto Show it was supposed to demonstrate what cars would look like in the year 2000. It was to be atomic powered, with voice control, guided by radar and use only two wheels balanced by gyroscopes when driven at high speed. Some of these things have come true