The Cold Whisperer is the supposed “Ancestor God” of the Tylbans and the deity to whom Ikuva is pledged. It is a massive, winged creature imprisoned in the heart of a great glacier. The chamber from which its body is visible is accessible through a cave that has been turned into a shrine of sorts or a place of worship and ritual.

Followers are said to be able to embark on a sacred quest, task, or conquest in the name of the Whisperer to achieve transcendental enlightenment or even empowerment. The true nature of their journey is revealed only to the individual through the cryptic whispers of their frozen Proto-God and must be puzzled out over the course of time and many a strange and feverish dream.

Terrible idea that my brain had time to think about now that I’m actually awake:
Sugimoto is Sohoku’s proto-manami, but what if manami is HakoGaku’s precursor to sugimoto too. Toudou and Arakita mothering sugimoto. Fukutomi saying “protect this child at all costs.” Miyahara having a crush on sugim-



Known for its hot robot on robot action, the Mega Man franchise is given a different spin in these paper creations by George Alexopoulos.

Of course, to accompany the new look one can only imagine the newer, far deadlier adversaries they would face. Adversaries like water, recycling, and the dreaded Stephanie Meyer

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