After iPhone 5S and iOS 7 debut, Apple customers may be nearly impossible to steal

Apple users are already notoriously faithful to their consumer electronics brand of choice, but one industry watcher thinks Apple customers will soon be almost impossible to steal. In a recent piece, Forbes contributor Mark Rogowsky discussed how unbelievably loyal Apple customers are — for example, a recent survey found that 91% of current iPhone owners plan to purchase another iPhone — but he argued that Apple’s big upcoming moves in two key areas are going to push Apple customer loyalty to the next level.

According to Rogowsky, Apple’s TV efforts and likely push into gaming will introduce yet another area where Apple’s ecosystem will lock users in. Then the next piece of the puzzle, Rogowsky believes, is the iPhone 5S and iOS 7′s integration with cars.

“What iOS in the Car gets Apple is a further closing of the loop by which you and your data are tied together across Apple devices everywhere from your computer to your tablet to your phone to your TV set top box to your ‘smartwatch,’ ” Rogowsky wrote. “If it’s difficult to consider swapping out an iPhone for a Galaxy S4 today given how the iPhone integrates with some other Apple device you might have, imagine what it would be like if you had a half dozen. That’s why Cook wants to double down on Apple being the primary vendor of iPhones as opposed to third parties: So Apple can lock you in. The thing is, most loyalists don’t mind, so long as Apple keeps them comfortable on the couch. Or as they cruise down the highway.”

iOS 7 will launch alongside the iPhone 5S this fall.

Source: The Tech Gets

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Google Glass takes home automation to the next level 

Google’s strategy with Google Glass is as brilliant as it is unconventional. While Glass isn’t shaping up to be the next iPad, Google knows that there is plenty of potential for connected eyewear to help usher in a new era of wearable computing. Google also knows that without a sizable application ecosystem in place from day one, Glass may very well die on the vine. As such, the company released early prototypes to developers and put them to work as it gets ready to launch the eyewear sometime next year. We have already seen several interesting — and creepy — apps with plenty of time left before Glass becomes available to the public, and now Revolv has released a demo video showing just a few of the possibilities when Google Glass is integrated with a home automation system. In the video, a Revolv developer shows how easy it is to control lights, a door lock and even a Sonos music system with Google Glass.

Source:  The Tech Gets

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