To all bullies. What kind of sick pleasure do you gain from torturing already tortured people? And how on earth do you enjoy destroying people’s lives? No excuses like “I was young” are going to justify your acts. You know to whom  I’m referring to. So do your victims the favour to keep your mouth shut and your hands tied up (or even be castrated, and I don’t care how this sounds like) from now on. Or go to hell before your victims, because this is the only way to understand what you’ve made their life feel like. Thank you.

Hoy Chile se manifiesta contra la represión policial y para exigir libertad de expresión. Rodrigo Avilés estudiante se encuentra en coma inducido después de ser impactado directamente por el chorro del huanaco policial. #alterna #protesta #denuncia #Protest #Beschwerde #illustration #ilustracion #estudianteherido #rodrigoaviles #fuerzarodrigo #nomasrepresion #noviolenciasieducacion #vivanlosestudiantes #schule

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Konica Hexar RF and Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm f/4

Fujifilm Neopan 400 developed in Xtol (1:1)


Chile 28.05.15: Burning barricades & clashes with police at various locations in ‪Santiago‬ as encapuchadxs (hooded ones) hit in the streets before the daytime student protests.

According to the mainstream Chilean media on the previous night police headquarters in Santiago was attacked with rocks and paint bombs by encapuchadxs and propaganda was left at the scene in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists Nataly, Juan & Guillermo who have been on hunger strike since April 14th. The media is also reporting a molotov attack on number 2 police station in Santiago.

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About the "Charts from OKCupid" post, don't you think that men don't have the right to have tastes? So just because they like younger women, they are monsters? What about those women that prefer older men over the younger ones in real life? Wow. And then they say that misandry doesn't exist.

still getting asks about this, 200,000 notes later. i’ll point out that i posted the original graphs with literally zero commentary or conclusions. just facts. facts! how can posting facts be misandrist? 

Arizona Muslims

On May 29, 2015 a group of bikers in Arizona are planning an anti-Muslim ARMED PROTEST outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Please be careful, these people are hateful and violent and ARMED.


Your situation will change, but you can’t bring baby back to life once she’s dead.  They will rip her arms and legs off her, throw her in a garbage can and you’ll be a murderer forever.  How will you answer to almighty god for the blood that you shed.  Your baby shouldn’t have to suffer or die for your selfish pleasure and convenience
—  Dan Holman, “sidewalk counselor” in Iowa, yelling at people from the sidewalk into a parking lot. 

i love that amazon and walmart literally got into a ship war. Amazon promised 2 day shipping on every product. walmart threw a fit and then guaranteed 1 day shipping to basically just throw the middle finger at amazon. and then amazon threw in all their cards and said ‘SAME DAY SHIPPING, ORDER BEFORE NOON AND UR ITEM WILL BE AT YOUR DOORSTEP AT 9 PM’ and left walmart gaping