Degrees: Buy Now Pay Later

Debating tuition fees on Thursday in Parliament, Robert Flello was keen to Blame the Bankers (which smacked of complaining the cat’s got to the cream, after you’ve poured the cream into a saucer, set it down on the floor, and called in the cat) but it wasn’t only a select group of people that inflated the economic bubble til it burst, but also a broader, deeper culture of being blazé about credit.

The Tories’ refrain - it’s alright, you don’t have to pay up front - has them sounding like a discount sofa retailer, and suggests we still haven’t learned that lesson.

Instead, the first lesson all students will learn is to accept and feel comfortable with a debt of up to £27,000, in only their early twenties. If it’s credit culture that got us here, then that’s the wrong lesson to be teaching future generations.