The Kent State Shootings, May 4, 1970

Forty-five years ago on May 4th, 1970, Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on unarmed students at Kent State University who were protesting the American invasion of Cambodia.  In a period of 13 seconds, the National Guard troops wounded nine and killed four.  The map above, prepared for the Commission on Campus Unrest, shows “the Commons” area on the Kent State Campus, the movement of the National Guardsmen, and the locations where students were shot. 

Two days earlier on May 2, 1970, the mayor of Kent, Ohio, LeRoy M. Satrom,  had written to the Commander of Troops, Ohio National Guard, requesting assistance in restoring order to the city, particularly near Kent State University. This is a photostatic copy of Mayor Satrom’s letter that was submitted to the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest.

  • Campus scene, Kent State University (OH) 05/04/1970; Photographs and other Graphic Materials; Records of U.S. Attorneys and Marshals; Record Group 118; National Archives.

See also:  Affidavit of Donald S. Mackenzie, wounded at Kent State


Baltimore Free Farm Feeds Protestors Through ‘Culinary Solidarity’

BALTIMORE – Inside a small, unassuming warehouse in a quiet neighborhood nestled near the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland, a small group of activists are busy cooking, shuffling about and giving marching orders as veggies simmer on a stove and potatoes bake in an oven. Though they’re used to the hustle and bustle of cooking massive amounts of food, the past two weeks have taken a more urgent tone.

As protests enveloped the city following the death 25-year-old Freddie Gray, whose spine was severed while in police custody, the organization Baltimore Free Farm immediately began working around the clock to feed hungry demonstrators.

Normally, Free Farm – along with other organizations including Food Not Bombs – feeds the homeless organic vegan food weekly. The supply comes from supermarkets and kitchens across the city that deem the food below standards to serve. Free Farm first sifts through the food then proceed to prep and serve hundreds of meals to individuals in need. Read on for how this farm is now feeding protestors here. 


Thousands Turks march in Berlin to protest against recognizing the death of hundreds of thousands Armenians in 1915 as genocide. Organized by nationalist and islamic groups they say what happened should be judged by courts not politicians. 04/05/2015.

The Nonviolent Palestinian Activists Working for Peace in the West Bank

It was pitch-black in the graveyard. I was struggling to keep up with my guide, a 15-year-old boy named Ahmed who had jumped into my car ten minutes earlier and proceeded to guide me to the secluded spot. He made his way easily between the olive trees along a ridge in the choppy terrain, his thin body navigating the uneven ground. Over the lip of the hill on which the graveyard sat, the lights of Hebron flickered in the valley below.

My silent guide was taking me to meet Issa Amro, his longtime mentor and the founder of Youth Against Settlements, a nonviolent movement in the heart of the West Bank city of Hebron.

I asked Ahmed what it was like to be Palestinian in Hebron. He told me how he was beaten up by Israeli soldiers on the way home from school not once but many times, how they would take his backpack and dump its contents out on the street. “Are these books?” they would ask. “These aren’t books.”

Still, Ahmed said he doesn’t throw rocks during protests like some Palestinian youth. “Why should I give them an excuse to kill me?” he said. “It’s not our way. We at Youth Against Settlements don’t throw stones. Not for them. For us.”


so I'm organizing a protest at my school...

…in solidarity for Baltimore, and I did expect some opposition, but what happened today almost left me in tears. I was going around talking to different people telling them about what I planned on doing, and if they wanted to help out. then there was this one kid who immediately started to argue with me. he began by saying that black people are treated “kiddy gloves”, and that that is true racism. he said how this one incident happened, and they were throwing a temper tantrum. I tried to educate him about the history behind this, and how several peaceful protest happened before and yet no one paid attention to that. he then said how he didn’t care about that, and how he’s talking about this one incident. at this point I was just getting angry, but was still trying to make him understand. I was telling him how this isn’t one isolated incident, but rather years of oppression and years of being completely overlooked and ignored that led to this. he tried to argue with me that the pothole outside of his house should be fixed before we try to stop police from literally killing black people, and because this isn’t directly effecting us then we shouldn’t care as much as we care about our own community (which does not nearly need as much help as Baltimore or places like that). he kept bringing up this “kiddy gloves” concept, but it just made no sense. how is pepper spraying, arresting, and killing black people in the street treating them with “kiddy gloves”? he tried to argue that if white people rioted then they would all be arrested, and when I tried to give him various examples of times when white people rioted (for no reason beyond sports games) he just tried to speak over me. after the argument finished because we had to leave people were laughing, and mockingly saying “black lives matter” as if it was a fucking joke. the thing that bothers me the most though is that he isn’t the only one who believes this. there are people all around the U.S. in positions of power with these ignorant and racist ideas, and for the first time in my life it really hit me just how bad this problem is.

tldr: white privilege is unbelievable

We may not have a seat in the room, but we’re sure that McDonald’s will hear us when we say that its turnaround needs to include investment in and respect for its employees. I should be able to afford to buy my son the milk he needs to grow up healthy, but that’s impossible on what McDonald’s pays me