protein breakfast pizza topped with poppyseed vanilla nutbutter, banana slices and flaxseeds!

the protein crust is made out of:

  • peanutflour (it’s nearly fatfree and has 50 gr protein on 100 gr, you can order it at ostseemühle.de)
  • cinnamon, baking powder
  • water

just mix everything together until you have a dough ball (it shouldn’t be liquid, but also not too ‘hard’) and bake it like a pizzacrust for around 15 minutes (the time depends on the amount you use, i always use around 80 gr) and enjoy it if it cooled a bit down!

anonymous said:

i can think of a reason: athletes need protein and lots of it. fast.

A reason for what? Athletes can get lots of “fast” protein by eating lentils and hummus and potatoes and nuts and seeds and vegetables and squash and oatmeal and fruit and every other plant food that exists, because all of them have protein in it 

anonymous said:

Hi my friend is vegetarian(until she goes vegan when she moves out when she's 18 and can buy her own groceries) but she has a protein deficiency and high testosterone levels because of that deficiency, and so her periods aren't coming. her doctor told her she needs to eat meat in order to really raise her protein intake to normalcy but is that really her only option? Her doctor says her lack in protein is in part why she's overweight, and that she's at risk of losing her ovaries or something

I am willing to bet $100000000000000000 that your friend does not have a protein deficiency. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be overweight and have a protein deficiency. There is no medical term for protein deficiency, because there is no such thing. She can’t lose her ovaries from this fake protein deficiency that her doctor is claiming she has lol ughhhh doctors are so uneducated on nutrition it makes me so frustrated. But if for some reason protein were to help her conditions (which it won’t), she could eat protein from plant based foods such as lentils, tofu, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds and more

Researchers Break Barrier to Engineer First Protein Microfiber

Researchers at the New York Univ. Polytechnic School of Engineering have broken new ground in the development of proteins that form specialized fibers used in medicine and nanotechnology. For as long as scientists have been able to create new proteins that are capable of self-assembling into fibers, their work has taken place on the nanoscale. Now, this achievement has been realized on the microscale — a leap of magnitude in size that presents significant new opportunities for using engineered protein fibers.

Jin Kim Montclare, an associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the NYU School of Engineering, led a group of researchers who published the results of successful trials in the creation of engineered microfiber proteins in the journal Biomacromolecules.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2014/10/researchers-break-barrier-engineer-first-protein-microfiber

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I am on a shopping spree omggg

I got my north face jacket last week and its amazingly soft like omg I am a fluffy cloud. I ordered some boots for 20 too, originally 100 and they are cute as fuck, they should be here tomorrow. I also ordered collagen powder along with protein powder. I really want to start using protein basically so I can balance out my macros and feel fuller longer. Collagen is for my skin, hair, nails etc and apparently it helps build muscle too so we’ll see.

Bioluminescent mushrooms

First noted as rather tasty by the Roman all rounder protoscientist, vulcanologist and encyclopaedist Pliny the Elder (see http://tinyurl.com/k4ze94l), there are over 70 known species of fungus that glow in the dark. Aristotle had already noted the phenomenon known as foxfire, the glow of decaying wood several centuries earlier. There are four main families grouped into asingle order. They are found throughout the temperate and tropical regions of our globe, and all emit a steady light of a greenish hue. 

The source of light is an enzyme reaction (enzymes are proteins that catalyse reactions, and themselves crystalline in nature) involving a chemical called appropriately luciferase (Lucifer translates literally as the spear of light). There is a possible link with growth activity, since the same factors seem to influence luminescence. The single mechanism suggests that it evolved for unknown reasons early in the evolution of fungi, one of the world’s most enigmatic and little understood kingdoms of life.

All the mushrooms involved feed off rotting wood, breaking down the lignin that also fills poor quality coals (known as lignites). The reactions are thought to protect the fungus from free radicals released as the wood is gently chewed away but the precise evolutionary value remains unknown. In Dutch Indonesia, locals were noted as using them to illuminate paths in the jungle, presumably by lining their edges with rotting wood, and these shrooms have undoubtedly amazed people for millennia as much as they do me. 


Image credit: Steve Axford