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My class in the afternoon was usually exhausting. Clay, paint, papier-mâché over everything and everyone, especially me. The first day of that class I wanted to do nothing but go somewhere and have a good cry. On the first day of the arts and crafts class i had nothing really prepared, so I asked everyone to draw themselves. When I looked at the drawings I felt faint. All of the students were Black, yet the drawings depicted a lot of blonde-haired, blue-eyed little white children. I was horrified. I went home and ransacked every magazine i could find with pictures of Black people. I came in early the next day and plastered the walls with pictures of Black people. We talked about what was beautiful. We talked about all the different kinds of beauty in the world and about all the different kinds of flowers in the world. And then we talked about the different kinds of beauty that people have and about the beauty of Black people. We talked about our lips and noses. We made African masks out of clay and papier-mâché, made African sculptures, painted pictures of Black people, of Black neighborhoods. Over the summer I felt the classroom changing. The kids were changing and so was I. We were feeling good about ourselves and feeling good about being with each other.
—  Assata Shakur, Assata: An Autobiography
Aleka, The Fourth Fate

Aleka is the fourth fate, unknown by everybody except Hades, and, in agreeing to protect his children on her mission to save the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods, as well as the demigods and magicians, falls in love with his son, Nico di Angelo.

Nico Falls in Love

NicoNico stood by Alex’s bedside, thoughts swimming through his mind, but mostly thoughts about her wellbeing.Mrs. O’Leary would NEVER attack a camper, old or new, and would never have done something…

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Some brave soul in Philadelphia drew this brilliant political cartoon critiquing police brutality, and now he, and the paper that published his cartoon, are being harassed by the local Fraternity of Police.

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Shooting of Tamir Rice (12 year old boy in Ohio)

Graphic, Trigger warning

He literally jumped out and shot that boy

What happened to the supposed confrontation?

What happened to the “I gave him a command?”

That poor baby….


one day you will be king and you will understand

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same love and all that but why do they have to show a man and a woman kissing? what's wrong with a good old fashioned longing glance? it protects the children and satisfies the straights

 I KNOW OMG! society has truly regressed. i dread the day where they start getting… you know… too friendly. i might have to stop watching tv all together

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Vivienne: My dear Iron Bull, stand up straight. You’re slouching like a sulking child.

The Iron Bull: I keep smacking my horns going through doors.

Vivienne: Darling, you are in no danger from a door beam. Just watch where you’re going.

The Iron Bull: I… may have done it a couple of times on purpose, to see if I could knock the frame loose…


Vivienne: Iron Bull, stop picking at that scab or it won’t heal properly.

The Iron Bull: I know! But the scar will look amazing! See? It already sort of looks like a Wyvern’s- (sighs.) I’ll just put the bandage back on now. Sorry, Ma’am.

Vivienne: Thank you, darling.


Vivienne: Now, Bull, the steps of the Dance of Six Candles?

The Iron Bull: Waaaaait a minute. I know what this is. You’re screwing with me because you look like a Tamassran! It’s the whole authoritative-female thing, plus that hat with the horns. You’ve been playing me! Well, I was trained by the Ben-Hassrath! You think I don’t know how to handle manipulation?

Vivienne: Bull… Step, step, turn…?

The Iron Bull: (Sighs.) Step, shuffle, spin, Ma’am.

It is very sad, Anne. (x)

How many times have you seen a reluctant child being forced towards a looming relative in order to be hugged or kissed against their will? […] What’s the message the child is receiving from those people she or he is supposed to trust the most?
—  A. R. Goldstein. Bea Magazine. “What do we teach small children about consent?” Available online.

After I woke up, I really understood. How scary it is for things to change. But… I’m so relieved that you didn’t change at all!