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The international trade in butterflies ( and other insects/arachnids) is so much larger than I initially thought. The international trade in all wildlife is much larger than I initially thought.

The trade in these animals will never end until the last individual is dead and then the trade will go on with no regulation because there’s nothing left to protect. People just do not care about the wildlife they exploit, it’s all about the money.

Honestly the bottom line is this: Roman Reigns is the reason I got into the WWE.

I love Seth Rollins, I love Dean Ambrose, I love The Wyatt family..

But it was watching Roman Reigns on Monday Night RAW this past Summer that got me to look into the WWE more.

Now I’ve done research, I’ve watched documentaries, I’ve educated myself on everything from the WCW/WWF situation to the Attitude Era, I’m caught up on as many old story lines as I possibly can be, I’m watching NXT and gushing over Charlotte Flair and Baron Corbin; I’m in deep, and I love it.

The reason? Roman Reigns.

So you can tell me that you don’t like him or that he sucks or whatever, but if it weren’t for him, my brother and I wouldn’t be talking nearly as much as we do now, and I wouldn’t enjoy my life nearly as much.

I owe Roman Reigns a hell of a lot.

And you can believe that.

i just got an applicant who outright told me that they wouldn’t provide a lot of information until i prove that it will be used in the way i say it will be

and i gotta say that kind of attitude would make you a shoe-in as far as i’m concerned, that’s exactly how i’d act if the offer were extended to me. congratulations kid, you pass automatically

(identifying qualities/usernames/names of all volunteers will be omitted from public mention until the service is active and all approved applicants are officially hired)


from Mirkwood soldier to Prince of Woodland Realm


A: “Well, I kinda have some big news. I went to visit my father for the first time. He’d been writing me letters, and I guess I finally felt ready to try and forgive him.”

K: “You sure you can trust him? He might just be manipulating you again.”

A: “You think I don’t know what my own father is capable of?”

K: “No, no-I didn’t mean —”

A: “You don’t get to disappear for three years and then act like you know what’s best for me!”

K: “It’s not like I planned to be gone that long. I wanted to come back, but I never felt ready until now.”