From the ‘We Demand A Safe Haven To Protect Minorities In Iraq’ protest I went to on 07/09/14

For some reason certain people think that Muslims are completely quiet on what ISIS is doing in Iraq, Syria & elsewhere in the middle east. The picture was taken by the host of the protest

Okay, just in case anyone was still up in the air about whether a frost giant’s touch always “burns” aesir flesh or not, let me point out that Laufey literally pried Odin’s good eye open with his fingers and didn’t burn him whatsoever so I think there’s our definite proof that the “burning” touch from frost giants is something that they choose to do when they want to.


ricky is literally just so awkward and quiet but so sweet.
like when i met joshua and ryan and him again at the blackcraft store like a month ago and my friend came with me just to be there and when we were talking and they were signing my stuff ricky was staring at my friend and instead of just asking “do you want me to sign something?” he just stood there holding out the pen while staring at her.
or after when he signed my drawing of him and just looked at it for a while then pointed at it and said quietly “I really like this.”
then when i took a picture with them he backed out of the frame and I was like “Ricky what are you doing you’re supposed to be in this” and he was just “oH I’m supposed to be in it too????” and he is just oh man.

Today’s tweet from Richard, and it seems he’s also excited for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies :)

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the way he held her…so protective

Oregon Wolf Population Close to Delisting

“Oregon wolves are increasing, not just in abundance but in distribution as well.” - Russ Morgan, who coordinates ODFW’s wolf program

From the perspective of ranchers, more wolves means potential problems but also more permitted lethal control.

Oregon Wild’s Rob Klavins told the Environment and Natural Resources committee that Oregon will likely reach the required breeding pairs but fail to meet the act’s five criteria for delisting. 

Klavins acknowledged that Parvo, a potentially life-threatening disease that dogs can be affected by, has been found in some of Oregon’s wolf packs. The mortalities in the wolf population could harm recovery efforts.

  • The minimum 2013 population in Oregon was 64 wolves in eight packs. []
  • Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife can begin the process to delist wolves from the Endangered Species List when four breeding pairs are present in eastern Oregon for three consecutive years. []
  • In 2013, four packs met the criteria as breeding pairs. This marks the second year that the objective number (four breeding pairs in eastern Oregon) has been reached by definition of the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. []

Photo: By USFWS, OR7 captured on 5/03/14 in eastern Jackson County on USFS land

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