Atomic Bath - Preparing to take a bath, Blossom Barton of Claremore tests the water with Geiger counter. The water around Claremore has such a concentration of radium that it sets the counter to ticking like an atomic pile. In this age of atomic activity, prospecting for nuclear materials in the bathtub may become a good, clean sport, United Press Photo, Jan 1955.

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Julian Ashton painted The Prospector in 1889.

As the Art Gallery of New South Wales points out, “[t]his heroic representation of an Australian ‘type’ is more a character study than a portrait, recalling the artist’s work as a newspaper illustrator.”

Certainly the work reveals the impulses of a documentarian—in the almost diagrammatic pose of the prospector as he examines his pan of water, and in the careful array of his tools behind him.

Promising leads.

Yesterday and today, I had my first 2 job interviews in over 2 months. That is a lot of prospecting to finally get a few meetings set up.

Yesterday’s interview went really well. Turns out the principle of the firm that I met with went to the same school I went to: the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He’s a fellow Ragin’ Cajun. And he even had some of the same architecture professors I did. What are the chances?! He liked what I had to say. I liked what he had to say. And he said he would to get back to me in 7 - 10 days to set up a follow-up meeting after he talks to the other candidates. Before leaving, he said I have a pretty good change of getting it. I hope it’s true.

Today, I had another meeting with another architecture firm. This was a lot more informal though. It is a smaller office with a handful of people and they have lots of large projects coming that they cannot handle with their small staff. So they need somebody soon. The only problem is that the owner and key decision maker is somewhere in Africa till the beginning of November designing a hospital. I won’t know anything until he gets back.

The two offices are opposites. One is small, the other is large. One does $30,000,000 projects, the other does $7,000,000 projects. One is more “corporate” and the other is more laid back and casual. But each has things about them that I really like. I would work at either one. So whoever gets back to me first wins. I hope that whatever decisions need to happen, happen fast. Because I don’t like waiting around!!

Oh, and I have also decided to go ahead and start flight training to become a pilot. For real this time. Perhaps even change careers and become a commercial pilot. And the job I take now will basically be used to fund my flying lessons.

So who knows… perhaps one of these days I will be captain of an aircraft, flying myself and fellow tumblrs to race destinations. Free upgrade to first class for all my followers, am I right?!?!

With the down economy, many are taking their financial futures into their own hands — literally. They’re looking for nuggets of wealth — gold, that is — which they hope will yield bigger profits than paper stocks. Certainly mining isn’t the greenest of practices, but at least one proponent of the new gold rush argues that with demand for gold continuing to rise, small-scale prospecting is far more eco-friendly than massive, corporate-run gold-mining operations.
10 retro activities making a comeback

The Worlds Largest Silver Nugget — The Big Boulder of Sandon

Discovered by James W. Cockle and his partner in 1892 while prospecting near Sandon, British Columbia.  At 7-½ feet long, 3 feet wide and nine feet high, it weighed 120 tons. 

Unfortunately Cockle did not have very good business sense.  He sold the boulder for $2,000 to a man who claimed he would exhibit the boulder at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, with Cockle earning a share of the profits.  Instead the man cheated him, breaking up the bolder and selling it to smelters and refineries, making a profit of over $20,000.

The #PerpetualFamily had a great day prospecting a new zone today. Lots of interesting veins with potential for large geode style clusters. Will be sure to bring a bar next time to find out! #prospecting #crystalmining #crystalporn #minerals #mineralporn #earthporn #freshoutthedirt #whyiloveminerals #quartzcluster #staydirty #rocksofig #perpetualminerals

Understand How Your Prospects Think and You’ll Triple Your Conversions

The most common question I get from members in my network marketing company is how to approach their prospects. It doesn’t matter what approaching method is in question, whether it’s messaging, live one-on-one conversation, group presentation or even creating a squeeze page, since each method represents giving out the information our prospects are about to see or hear for the first time. This moment is very important; it can either attract prospects to take further action or drive them away ( and it’s really painful to realize that all these prospects might be converted if we approached them differently). Of course, many things can be corrected in the follow-up process, but still, the first impression is the first impression! Read more >>

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