Something I had on my mind forever and I finally did did it for Tyler’s birthday… the idea came partially from Eskarine ♥ Tyler got it and signed it thanks my wonderful and amazingly generous friends Mako and Ine.

I have no words.. I am so incredibly touched and completely overwhelmed… I don’t know what to say except for HUGE THANK YOU ♥♥♥ I don’t deserve this ;_____;


Ladies of the Knight by Jason Liwag / Facebook / Tumblr

5” X 5” mini giclee print series, limited editions of 25 each. Three different sets will be available, two from Jason’s booth, B-20, alongside JC Richard, and another set exclusively at the Phone Booth Gallery booth.

On sale now at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX. 

A very small quantity will also be held back to be made available online shortly afterwards direct from Jason’s store,HERE.

Hoechlin said Derek had great respect for Laura and that they were very close, he thinks she would have forgiven him for Kate because he was totally manipulated (kind of plays into almost the entire fandom’s belief he was under age and easy to manipulate which is weird because they’ve tried to play it up but what 19+ year old doesn’t know what they’re getting into with an older person) food for thought?

Couldn’t pick a favourite director, they all seem fans of Russell

Would play a white walker on game of thrones because then he wouldn’t have to talk and reveal his terrible English accent

He didn’t think derek would have been smart enough to use little derek to do all his menial tasks but A+ idea

His favourite scene in S4 was with Scott and Liam in the locker room where he got to break Liam’s lacrosse stick or the one with him and Scott found a gun on his bed, he’s really proud of Posey and how far he’s come from as an actor

He’s shooting a new film in Texas but he can’t tell any deets yet

Have you seen Blackfish? Curious about orcas in captivity? Want to know more about how it affects them? Here is a comprehensive list of the bulk of the issues, from both pro-captivity and anti-captivity perspectives, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about this controversial issue:


General Overview of Orcas in Captivity:

Captures of Wild Orcas

Heath Problems/Injuries/Unnatural Deaths in Captivity

Wild Orca vs Captive Orca Lifespans

Stereotypical/Abnormal Behaviors in Captivity

Statements from Wild Orca Scientists

Info/Statements from Ex-Trainers

Captive Orca Attacks and the Deaths of Trainers

Aggression Between Captive Orcas

The Issue of Lolita the Orca

Kiska, Canada’s Loneliest Whale

Argentina’s Only Captive Orca: Kshamenk

Legal Battles Involving Orca Captivity


(Please note: I do not agree with nor endorse any of the articles below, but I included both sides of the argument for the sake of fairness. In addition, I know this list is small, but please understand that it is extraordinarily difficult to find orca-specific articles from a pro-captivity point of view that actually focus on orcas alone. If you know of any more articles, please message me and I will gladly include them on this list.)

Statements from SeaWorld

Pro-Captivity Articles/Vidoes

Watch on artist-refs.tumblr.com