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So I decided to start a youtube channel where I’ll be posting makeup, cosplay, and things I remember to edit or post. I’ll be trying to post at least once a week of things I do. For now here is a spare of the moment demon makeup I decided to do for Halloween and because I missed son of monsterpalooza and c4. Hope you all like it, go and leave comments or suggestions of what you’d like to see me attempt next! Any support is awesome support. :)


Disguise kit is complete! Woo.

I think of the Spy as a bit of a romantic so I figured he would keep a photo of his love close.

I got uberchain to make me a colour swapped picture of the Spy and Scout Ma photo from the end of Meet The Spy. She also helped with the Disguise kit photo too.

Also pictured is the Spys lighter, First seen in use by BLU Spy in Meet the Spy and again in Expiration Date with his RED Counterpart.

Clearly I care too much about the little things but I think it adds some polish and character to the props so I like it.


Saturday Special

Random Ruckers Smuggling, Strutting, And Sizzling!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!