The first update on my swarmfire project. As you can see, I sanded the right panel A LOT. Did some of it yesterday (such as the marks on it) but only finished the crossair thing today. I’m really please with the outcome. The second picture is basically the way I should’ve tackled the frist panel. Because The first one took me about… 4 to 5 hours or something? I don’t even know anymore. Anyway, with this setup, you can see HOW much I actually sanded off. Oh and note, I did it all by hand. That’s right, no electric sander (but my gosh do I wish I had one because F**K does my arm hurt!!!) Anyway, this is the first update on my swarmfire project, on the 17th of October 2014. More to come tomorrow. I have vacation next week, so no school the enitre week! Which is going to be good for this project.

This is a picture showing what the base Nerf Swarmfire looks like. I will be sanding and painting the gun almost entirely. The reason for that is that I want to be able to use it for ‘cosplay’ and other things where I dress up sci-fi or cyberpunky.

So, just the base gun for now. At the time of uploading this I’ve done a bit of sanding; Sanded the Nerf, Dart-tag and various other marks off, and have started with sanding off the ‘crossair’ in the middle of the yellow pannel off, a pic of the progress I’ve made will be uploaded as soon as possible (probably tomorrow (17th of October 2014))