So hyped! I got off work and wasn’t expecting this look what was in the mail today, my artwork from @itsbirdy! With a extra signed sweet ass scyther onsie, I have to get 3 frames for these now and my sick Nefertiti tattoo design man I can’t wait to get this tattooed! Thanks Birdman, 200% happy with my stuff can’t wait to get more stuff from ya! And by the way this poketeam is the shit to hold in person your skills are unparalleled! #art #artwork #pokemon #poketeam #nefertiti #itsbirdy #propgame

If you guys haven’t heard @itsbirdy ‘s recent WIP, seriously, get on it. It just hit some note (pun intended) of inspiration in me, and this imagery popped in to my head with the quote “Are you the make of nature or man?” - “Neither”

Finally, a picture of my Grad Piece! ✌ The piece in it’s entirety, from the countless hours of papercraft to the construction of the custom changeable LED plinth, became the most strenuous project I undertook at #ACAD. An approximated 121 Hours in a span of one month left me sleepless. Not to mention the underestimated expenses.. all aimed at creating something I had no idea how to make. That’s how I learn to progress. This is the last shot I took of the display, but not the only one. Don’t worry, I have the entire video of the process from start to finish still to put together. Now, where can I put this thing?… #Art #PropGame #Game #Over

"Bound by beauty" This #painting was left unfinished from yesteryear. Figured I’d complete it before I start anything else this semester. Also, to be the first of many ;) Now, my arm isn’t quite all there yet, but as soon as I felt it was functional, I really couldn’t resist picking up that brush. I’m going to be mixing up the content of my posts more regularly from here on out. I’m more than just Pokémon little ones… #art #student #ACAD #PropGame

One of my newest works. I think its healthy to have multiple facets. To bring light to this piece, sometimes facing reality can be terrifying. During certain moments, we layer our secrets with an alternative front because we distrust a certain idea that we have about ourselevs. Why do you think we wear #masks? I think its because they make us fearless, like we have nothing to lose because it really isn’t us. #highthoughts #lol #acad #life #propgame

My entire life is a #WIP. Right now I’m working on ridding myself of the inevitable procrastinating I face daily. I’ll sit like L from Death Note for a bit to see if I smarten up.. #PropGame #Birdychu #Studio

Just released my latest track ‘Remnants’ on my soundcloud @ Enjoy >=) now I can get on with the arting #propgame