USD Town Hall Forum on Human Trafficking with Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith

Today I went to USD with my sister to learn more about Prop 35. If we vote yes to Prop 35 it will be the first step in ending human trafficking in CA (however human trafficking is nation wide), it especially gets the law to side with the victims. Here are some links. Get informed on Prop 35 and human trafficking.

Shout out to my sister Shelley for inviting me to this event! :D

Strong Supporter of Yes on Proposition 35!

There is one person that I believe needs to be thanked for their many contributions to the campaign for Yes on Proposition 35: Daphne Phung. According to:  Daphne Phung, the founder of California Against Slavery (CAS), is a lover of children and has a very strong voice against the injustice done in this state. Also, Daphne has her BA form Reed College and a MBA from Mills College. Phung started this organization in the fall of 2009. In 2011 she quit her full time job working in finance and accounting, to volunteer as its Executive Director of CAS.

            One of the main reasons she started California Against Slavery was after watching MSNBC Deadline’s on “Sex Slaves in America”, Phung looked into California’s problem with this and wanted to put a stop to trafficking. This documentary focuses on a case that took place in Detroit, Michigan; the movie shows how the current laws don’t put human traffickers behind bars for a long enough time for their crime. The documentary’s center of attention is on two men that were convicted of trafficking sixteen women. Those sixteen women were being forced to work as strip club dancers. The two men’s sentences were fourteen and seven years… those two numbers don’t even add up to one year per victim. So, after watching this and looking for a way to stop this from becoming worse in California, Phung created California Against Slavery; and this has been her way of helping law enforcers bring trafficking to a higher risk then it is now, and cut the profit from human trafficking.  


- Chelby C. 

ACLU temporarily blocks part of Proposition 35

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) managed to temporarily block a portion of Proposition 35 which passed with an overwhelming 81% of the vote on Tuesday. Proposition 35, endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats, seeks stricter penalties for human traffickers and sex offenders. The parts that are being blocked require sex offenders to give up their online information (internet providers, screen names, etc.) The list of people required to give this information isn’t limited to violent sex criminals, but also includes people guilty of misdemeanor indecent exposure and crimes that didn’t involve the Internet.

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The Details of Prop 35

            Slavery ended in 1865 right? So, why now is it that bad people have found a new way to have slavery without the nasty title? 

People don’t know that human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal activities. Human trafficking can be defined by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) as the illegal trade of human beings for purposes ranging from sexual exploration or forced labor. California has been given an “F” by victims’ rights group for their light handling with child sex trafficking. An “F” given by the victims’ rights group means that we are in the worst area of dealing with this problem; we have been given a failing grade.

             Proposition 35 is about human trafficking and how this prop will be able to make it harder on people caught trafficking. Prop 35 will raise the fines, and also lengthens the sentence time of the criminals. Prop 35 will also do a few other things like: force all people found trafficking humans to register as a sex offenders; also, it will entail all sex offenders to reveal their internet accounts, and with the fines being raised it will be used to help with victim services and law enforcement.

            Right now the sentences for labor trafficking according to the Sectary of States website, is:

  • 5 years for Labor trafficking (Adult or Minor)
  • 5 years for Sex trafficking an adult
  • No Sentence for Sex trafficking a minor; without force
  • 8 years for Sex trafficking a minor; forced

If proposition 35 goes into effect:

  • 12 years for Labor trafficking sentence
  • 20 years for Sex trafficking an adult
  • 12 years for Sex trafficking a minor; without force
  • A Life Term for Sex trafficking a minor; forced

Sentences will also be heightened if there is found bodily injury from 6 years up to 10 years; but if you already have a prior offence 5 years will be added on to prior conviction. Fines as of now are up to $100,000 for sex trafficking a minor, and with prop 35 it will be raised up to $1.5 million for all human trafficking offenses.

            As you can see human trafficking is a big problem in California and needs to be dealt with. With the raise of fines it will help the victims and law enforcement, and with extending the sentences it is better. Yes on Prop 35! 

Chelby C. 

this is all about raising awareness of human trafficking and efforts to stop it. Post a picture straight to the gallery holding a sign that says, “I am a catalyst to end human trafficking” and $1 gets donated to the effort. CA friends prop 35 is coming up in Nov. and when you vote YES it would help impose longer sentences and harsher consequences on those who traffic humans!

Prop 35 Passed! Freedom Shall Reign!

California has sent a strong message that we will not tolerate human trafficking in the state of California. Our new initiative suggests that trafficking in California is unacceptable and a huge risk for criminals to participate in. We still must remember that there is much effort needed towards building programs in our communities and in law enforcement that focus on the safety and rehabilitation of survivors. Passing this new law is only the beginning, but today lets celebrate this beautiful beginning. Congrats California.

- Jada Pinkett Smith