Warren Fletcher (UTLA President)- We did it!  The work still continues!

“Say NO to Prop 32”
I’m gonna be working this Saturday @ FilAm Fest and this other event on Sunday passing out flyers, talking to random people who are potential voters and getting them to sign this card. I still have to study this so I’ll know what the he** I’m gonna be talking about. Very few of you know that I’m shy so this is gonna be a challenge for me. So yeah, wish me goodluck Charlie.
#voting #Prop32
So much for enjoying my time #FilAmFest or possibly going to #WorldOfDance for free this saturday XP lol (Taken with Instagram)


Juan Ramirez (UTLA Elementary Vice President) sends a message to you all! Congratulations on passing Prop 30 and defeating Prop 32!

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 On Monday, Oct. 22, the California locals of SAG-AFTRA invite members across the state to participate in a Day of Silence against Proposition 32. Touted by supporters as “campaign finance reform,” Prop. 32 actually threatens to silence the voice of union members and working families across the state. On this Day of Silence, we want to highlight the impact that the potential silence of SAG-AFTRA members, as well as unions and guilds across the state would have.