Prometheus Review

Prometheus was THE movie for me this summer.  The one I’ve been craving for what seems like ages.  The one that I drooled over after having seen that first trailer.  When word came out that Ridley Scott was returning to the science fiction genre, I got goosebumps.  It was an Alien prequel, and then it wasn’t, but it was going to be set in the same universe.  Either way, I was happy.  I just wanted a good sci-fi movie.

There was a lot of hoopla surrounding this film and once the marketing machine started up, it was hard to shield myself from the tsunami of….stuff that littered the web.  Trailers, stills, clips, behind the scenes footage and lastly the viral marketing campaign.  In an attempt to remain as spoiler free as possible, I stayed away from all of it, with the exception of the first trailer, and one I happened to see at the theater only a couple of weeks ago.  I operate under the less-is-more theory.  I don’t want to know anything because I prefer to let it all unfold while actually watching it.  Which was a little hard considering the UK got the film a week before the States, but I prevailed.  Finally Prometheus hit Stateside and to say I was excited would be a huge understatement.

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La macchina medica parte 1

È una macchina medica rarissima.
Fa tutto lei, che neanche Bimby TM.
Incide, opera, cura, anestetizza, diagnostica.

Ne esistono una decina al mondo.
E’ la più grande innovazione dopo l’iphone.

Funziona solo con gli uomini.

Dialoghi alieni


                                                UOMO GIGA (parla nella sua lingua)

                                             Fassbender, t’hanno fatto biondo…

                                                    Fai schifo al cazzo! /TRACK

L’uomo giga strappa la testa a Fassbender, stile Ken di Barbie in mano a piccoli marmocchi teppisti.