Prom (@cutie-trash)

Ciel stared down at his phone, bored. At the moment he was sitting in a chair out side of a dressing room, waiting for his girlfriend to try on the millions of prom dresses she had dragged into there. He glanced up from his phone at the door,

"So am I here to give an opinion or am I just here because you felt like trying to embarrass me. Because if it’s the second one, it’s not working and I’d like to go get a smoothie…"

anonymous said:

My prom date has bailed on me and I can't stop feeling depressed and crying. We were pretty good friends and I may have liked him and I don't know how to deal with it all. It was hard to find the right one and now he is gone

prom?! why the heck is your prom in the Fall? i thought that was at the end of everyones senior year. he bailed on a dance that is next year??

ok but i guess thats not the point here. but how do you know you cant win him back. why are we busy talking about how upset you are instead of how we can make things work again? WE DO NOT QUIT HERE. WE FIGHT TO GET WHAT WE WANT AND WE CONQUER ALL ODDS. now start over and tell what really happened here.