Jonathan isn’t to happy about going to prom in the first place, but Sock wants the full high school experience. And then their parents team up and poor grumpy-pants ended up in a suit and having to take a picture.

This year has been the best year ever all thanks to these 5 girls right here. They’ve managed to keep the smile on my face after dealing with the passing of my mother and my brother and I honestly couldn’t thank them enough. Thanks Fifth Harmony for giving me not only an unforgettable prom, but an unforgettable year. I love you girls so much❤️❤️❤️ waakeme-up ssweet-dispositionn allybrookeofficial

Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Katelyn

You stare at him in admiration, taking in the familiar features of your crush. He was gorgeous; chiselled, handsome, dark, tall, mysterious, friendly, caring, loving, perfect. He was taller, but at the perfect height. You couldn’t get enough of him. You began leaning forward more.

The bell rang, waking you from the countless day dreams you were having. You jump up, alert and aware. Where did that tome go? You shake your head disapprovingly at yourself, collecting your books.

"Way to be secretive about your crush," your best friend says, coming up behind you.

You roll your eyes. “I don’t even care anymore, Melissa.”

She takes your arm and you walk out of the class, beginning. conversation and becoming completely unaware of your surroundings. You bump into the back of someone, knocking both of you onto the floor. You scramble to help them up, as well as pick yourself up. As you pull up the figure, your eyes meet the eyes of your one and only crush. You mutter a sorry and rush off, pulling Melissa by the arm after you.

"Katelyn, there’s three weeks left of school and you still haven’t done anything. Ask him to the prom." Melissa demands in a horrifyingly deep tone.

You shake your head anyways. “I can’t. He’s so popular and I’m just me.”

"And who you are is hopefully the person you’ll be at the prom on Friday," another voice interjects. "That is, if you want to go with me."

You turn and face the beautiful Jack Gilinsky, your longtime crush. You were speechless. Your haw drops slightly as you stare at the boy in front of you. He laughs, holding out a bouquet of flowers and a box of the local chocolate store’s newest chocolate. The hall way was filled with people of all grades staring, a few “awe”ing at the sight.

You take the gifts, blushing like mad. “I’ll be ready at eight.”

Butterflies spread through your stomach and send goosebumps across your body. He leans in and places a small kiss on your cheek and whispers “friday” before walking away.

Girls stare at you in envy as you turn to Melissa in amazement. “Did that just happen?”

She squeals and not so secretly eyes the chocolate. “It sure did! Now lets find dresses and split that chocolate!”

I just found this pic of me singing at my old high schools formal/prom with my first (and only so far) band, Surmount Silence x) Now theres some Teisha trivia that not a lot of people have seen haha.

This was before I even started School Of Rock, when I sounded like Dolores O’Riorden if she were a dying toad.


katelyncyrilDean | Sam | Castiel

Y/N: Why are you guys in suits?

Dean: Well, we’re your handsome dates to the prom. 

Sam: You aren’t going to sit here and be sad. So you should go upstairs and put on your outfit. 

Y/N: Thank you so much!

Castiel: Inform me one more time, What do you do at a “prom”?