• Teenage girls at my school:OMG Prom is this weekend! Okay so I spent like a hundred and fifty bucks on my prom dress and thirty on the ticket oh and Im going out to a fancy dinner that will probs cost like fifty bucks and we rented a limo so theres another sixty or so I've got to pay for that. Yeah its expensive but its so totally worth it.
  • Me:What a bunch of idiots
  • Me the next weekend:OMG theres a con this weekend! My weekend pass cost me like forty bucks and my friends and I decided to get a hotel room so thats like another sixty. My cosplays were pretty cheap this con, only like a hundred bucks for the three Im doing, my food budget is about fifty buck for the whole weekend, and I have another hundred bucks that I saved up to buy merch. I just love cons so freaking much!!
Mock exam promo
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