Just as the art states, thank you all very much for the support and love! Prompto and I have reached a solid 400+ followers which was way more than I expected to receive from this blog! Likewise I’ve met some very nice people from this RP community and cannot express how much I adore and cherish each of you! Thank you so much for giving my Prompto-Muse some love into his life! I hope you all continue to follow and support our chocobo fugitive as his time goes by here on Tumblr! Without you he’d be nothing, so thank you very much!


 Followers I don’t ask a lot of you but please. Please get this out. This is for the Stuck at Prom scholarship. I did a Spyro x Cynder theme the name is Claire & Antonio and we need all the help we can get. I worked so hard on this and I have no money to my name. If we win first place we each get $10,000 and the school gets $5000. The voting ends at the end of the summer and begins June 1st. Please don’t forget about us.