Personality Disorders // someone who is as ugly as they feel

If you weren’t planning to sit down and cry in the middle of your day, allow Queens-based Personality Disorders to rain on your parade.

“someone who is as ugly as they feel” is everything you need in a bedroom track. The compositional choices are distracted and capricious which only lends to the unapologetic tone PD sets. The emotional build is charged by the track’s indecision between smooth and pained. It starts with a fade-in to sad noise and smooth vocals that gradually increase in anguish, only to mellow out again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

If the moody instrumentals aren’t bumming you out, allow the lyrics to work their magic, with lines like, “You left me to hospital beds and finding solace in “You’ll be okay, eventually.” The words are relatable enough to inspire sympathy but still vague enough for the listener to spin them into their own personal misery. And like all good emo tracks, PD leaves us on a low note:

“I know what I’m worth. I am nothing.”

Personality Disorders has had a busy year putting out several releases on Bandcamp, (including a 32-track song-a-day experiment) as well as releases on several splits alongside other acts such as Emo Side Project, Flatsound, and Pannucci’s Pizza. I suspect there will be more tear-jerkers to come.

Author: Hayley


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